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Afghanistan recoils from Trump's comments on the destruction of the country

The seventh round of peace talks in Doha, Qatar, was suspended on 9 July to allow officials to confer with their leaders. Khalilzad said the Taliban and the United States had agreed on a framework in which the militants would not allow the terrorists to use Afghan soil, and the United States would gradually begin to withdraw its 14,000 troops into the country.

The final agreement would also include direct negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government and a comprehensive ceasefire, Khalilzad said. The Taliban refused to negotiate with the government in Kabul and called it illegitimate.

Separately, an Afghan delegation including government officials held informal talks with the Taliban in Doha for two days and made a statement in July starting with Abdul Latif Pedram, an Afghan presidential candidate against the Taliban and informally with representatives The Taliban hit Mr. Trump in a statement "shameless arrogance" Pedram urged the United States to withdraw its troops and fight the Afghans against the Americans "until their very last soldier has withdrawn."

Mr. Pedram addressed Mr. Trump and added, "Many occupiers have tried to conquer this land, but they only found one graveyard, this land will be your graveyard."

On the street and on social media ordinary Afghans reacted with a mixture of anger and confusion.

"He is not a healthy person," said Khan Ali, 35, a street vendor, said Mr. Trump.

Mohammad Arif, 50, a shoemaker, said to the Comment by the president: "This is not possible in any way Trump has some kind of madness."

On Facebook, Zakir Jalali wrote: "The fight against terrorism was just a joke?"

Another Facebook user, Masoud Hemayat wrote: "Until there is only one American In Afghanistan, we will not have a happy day in our country."

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