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Afraid of Amazon Alexa wiretapping? To check and delete what was recorded

Amazon Alexa recently recorded and shared a woman's private conversation without her knowledge, raising concerns. If you're worried that Alexa overheard, hear and delete what was recorded.
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Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular digital assistants for the smart home, but his listening habits can be worrying. On the positive side, you can easily check and delete what Alexa has recorded.

Amazon Alexa eavesdropping

Amazon recently got into trouble when it became known that Alexa had recorded a conversation for a woman and then sent to one of her contacts without her knowledge or consent. The woman just talked to her husband at home and Alexa picked up her conversation on the Echo Dot and emailed it to a random contact who proved to be working for the husband.

The recipient of the email sent a The couple immediately turned to Amazon and asked for an explanation and a refund.

Amazon's explanation

Amazon's engineering team said that some evidence might suggest that it was modified to the questionable echo point, but offered no additional information. The team also suggested that a word that sounded like "Alexa," the wake-up word that activates the device, and other commands in the conversation were used, so Alexa recorded and sent a copy of the conversation.

That sounds like a stretch and shows, if it's true, that it would happen only in rare cases. However, those who fear they might have the same thing can check which conversations Alexa has recorded and delete anything they do not want to have stored.

How to Check and Delete What Alexa Recorded

First of all, the possibility of mistakenly triggering Alexa if the word is frequently used in daily conversations. For example, some people have turned into a common word like "computer", which makes random triggers more likely.

To check what Alexa recorded, open the app on your device, go to the menu options by tapping the top button. Click the icon for the left hamburger, go to the Settings menu, and select History.

This section should contain the commands you gave Alexa, and in some cases you may see a note that is not available. By tapping this note, you can listen to what Alexa recorded and see what triggered the Echo device to eavesdrop on the conversation.

If you do not want Alexa to record a discussion in your household, you can either delete files one at a time or delete everything from the dedicated content and device management page on the Amazon website.

However, be aware that Amazon warns that deleting all your records may affect the Alexa experience, as it helps the digital assistant to personalize everything best.

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