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After 71 years of marriage, a husband and wife die the same day

But every now and then a couple comes by that gives you hope that true love still exists.

This is the story of Herbert DeLaigle (94) and Marilyn Frances DeLaigle (88). The couple died on Friday after 71 years of marriage at intervals of only 12 hours.

The story of DeLaigles started in a café nearly 72 years ago, according to WRDW / WADT.

"Frances worked in a small cafe called the White Way Cafe in Waynesboro," said Herbert DeLaigle in an interview with WRDW / WAGT in 2018. "I kept seeing her in and out, in and out, and me I had my eyes fixed on her and then I finally got nervous to ask her if she would ever go out with me. "

They told the partner They went to the movies for the first time. A year later, he asked her to be his wife.

According to an obituary, Marilyn DeLaigle spent six years in Germany with her husband, who served in the army during the Second World War. Herbert DeLaigle also served in Korea and Vietnam and left the army after 22 years of service.

The couple is survived by six children, 1

6 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and three Ururur children. Grandchildren.

A funeral service was held for the couple on Monday.

Broken Heart Syndrome

When married couples or family members die after the death of a loved one, the second death is often attributed to a broken heart.

  Can you really die from a broken heart?

"Broken Heart Syndrome – that's indeed a real thing – is when someone experiences shocking news, typically terrible news, and there's a massive release of those stress hormones that are in the bloodstream is released, and the heart is then bombarded with these stress hormones, "Dr. Matthew Lorber, psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.

Severe emotional shock can lead to a sudden weakening of the heart that can mimic a heart attack.

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