WASHINGTON – President Trump tweeted Wednesday that "we are very active today" about Mexico's border security one day after he and his helpers talked about sending US troops including the National Guard.

"Our Border laws are very weak, while those of Mexico and Canada are very strong. Congress must change this Obama era, laws NOW! "Trump said," The Democrats stand in our way – they want people to stream uncontrollably into our country … CRIME! "

Trump has not pinpointed what he's up to, although he told reporters on Tuesday: "We'll be there militarily" on the American-Mexican border until its planned anti-migration wall is built. "

"Until we can have a wall and adequate security, we will guard our border with the military," Trump said. "That's a big step."

Hours later, volunteers who seemed surprised by the president's announcement issued a statement saying he "would discuss the strategy of his government, which includes the mobilization of the National Guard."

Trump and his team, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford, also "agreed to urge Congress to pass legislation to close loopholes exploited by criminal trafficking, drug trafficking and smuggling become organizations, "said the statement.

The renewed emphasis on border security comes less than two weeks after the Trump supporters criticized him for signing an issue (19659006) In a series of tweets in recent days, Trump has also criticized a caravan of Honduran refugees crossing Mexico on their way to the United States. While announcing his military plan for the border, Trump praised Mexico for its efforts to disband the caravan.

More: Trump proposes to send US troops to the Mexican border [19659006] Neither Trump nor aides did detail how militarization of the border would work.

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama also marginally deployed a limited number of National Guard troops at the border.

The White House said Last week, Trump received information about the growing influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and violent gang members from Central America and led a vigorous administrative strategy to address this threat and protect America's national security.

Some legislators criticized Trump's idea of ​​sending troops to the border, saying it was a waste of military resources and, at best, a political gesture.

Rep. Raul M. Grijalva, D-Ariz., Called it "the latest chapter of his reign of terror, which is meant to devastate immigrants and residents of border communities, and after his failure to secure funding for his" great beautiful wall ", he is clearly after straws grab. "

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