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After Steph Curry's 51-point mission, the MVP call is still on time and on time

OAKLAND – Even after all these years and awards and championships, the fury of the past has raged in Stephen Curry.

It's not that he clings to the rage of the past. He just will not allow himself to forget her.

That's why there were and are games like Wednesday night, where he offers all the doubters in his midst another nuclear rebuttal when he was this scrawny teenager (19659002) Fixed the challenge that was John Wall, the Washington Wizards guard Making the announced preparatory status he never achieved, Curry took the game and reduced Wall to a footnote unnoticed otherwise than at the end of the humiliation of a climax

"It's not frustrating," said Wall. "We've seen him in basketball for so many years, he's going to shoot … you just have to keep playing and keep going."

Wall had no choice but to leave Curry's epic performance and the Warriors to a 1

44-122 Victory over the Wizards. Curry scored 51 points, 31 in the first half. He played 32 minutes, none in the fourth quarter, he was 15 out of 24 out of the ground, including 11 out of 16 from the deep and 10 out of 10 from the line.

Wall, Kentucky Product and # 1 overall punk 2010 – a year after Curry was seventh overall to the Warriors – played 27 minutes and finished 13 points with 13 of 13 shooting

Curry is too polite to say it but he enjoys nothing more than the players who entered college with a national, if not global, lobby program, they were defeated and defeated. Whether it's Chris Paul or Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook or anyone else who came into the NBA with a hype, Curry puts on his chef's hat and turns up the heat.

"All these guys are extreme talents who deserve to be highlighted for what they do," said Curry. "I would like to say that we get the most out of such fights, even if there are no one-on-one situations, and in any case, with respect to the atmosphere and understanding how big your opponent is, he keeps you motivated . "

It was February 2016 when Curry and Wall hosted one of the most spectacular duels in recent NBA history. Curry scored 51 points at the Verizon Center in Washington and added an impromptu Shimmy, later imitated by President Barack Obama, and brought the Warriors to a 134-121 victory.

Wall ended at 42. It was not

That night Wall did not belong in the same building as Curry, let alone the same yard. Curry was in his own exclusive room, a zone for him alone.

"Some of the filming was amazing," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. "No one has ever done what he's doing. Raising, I do not know, 32 (feet)? Is that a documented number? It seemed some of those he'd missed may have come a little further, and me was not even angry that he took her.

"You get a guy who measures 40 feet and you're on the verge. that's a good shot. Well done & # 39 ;. Explain that. We've never seen that before. "

We've seen it before, Wall has seen it before.

" A few of them early, he just made some hard shots, "he said," but it was a little bit of us that we did not communicate through our switches. But some of them were only. , , when he is hot, he is hot.

And nothing feels better for Stephen Curry than being too hot to be stopped by those who once considered his superiors, but now he does not seem to be able to keep up.

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