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Agent – Gronk is retired, but people are changing their minds

PHOENIX – Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL on Sunday, but his agent told ESPN Monday that he would not be surprised if Gronkowski were reconsidered in the future.

"Rob is 29 years old, he is still a very young man and I would not be shocked if he has a change of heart, if he feels great and decides he wants to play football," Drew said Rose House at the Get Up!

"But I'm just talking about me, this is not Rob, and I do not want to raise unnecessary expectations Rob is unique If the team had trouble or needed it sometime next year, and hypothetically say that Tom Brady called him and said, "Rob, I need you," I would not be shocked if he played some games again. "

Rosenhaus said he raised the issue when the two spoke on Sunday.

"Rob Gronkowski is retired and it's unlikely he'll ever play football again," Rosenhaus said. "However, yesterday I ended my conversation with Rob when he called to let me know that he was about to retire, and I said," Rob, remember that if you ever have a heart change, remember I'm sure the Patriots would welcome you with open arms, if it's sometime in the season, if it's late in the year, if you feel good and want to come back, we'll make it. "[19659007] • The demise of the Patriots is "grateful for the opportunity" »
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"That's all, it was just a suggestion, I could not let go without leaving it in Rob's ear, Hey listen, Jason Witten did it, Witten [is] another end to the Hall of Fame; He took the year off and decided to come back. "

Asked what Gronkowski's reaction to the possibility was, Rosenhaus said," He really just laughed about it, he pretty much told me he was at that point Football is really a thing of the past, but young people, they can change their minds.You never know. "

What Gronkowski is up to now, Rosenhaus said: "Nothing, a lot of fun, a lot of rest, good times, relaxation, partying, being his own Gronk" At some point, we saw him playing television and playing a whole lot of things, appearances, endowments, and is one of the greatest personalities. He will not v erschwinden. He'll have fun for a while, but he'll be back in the limelight in the near future, I think. "

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