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"Aggressive" fan, officers pouncing in the fight for Miami Heat against Arena Ranks

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By Elisha Fieldstadt

Two policemen trying to calm a man who caused a ruckus in a Miami Heat game ended up in the crowd on Wednesday and crashed at least four low ranks as they tried to get him out of his place.

Adrain Mato, 23, was in the match against the Chicago Bulls at the AmericanAirlines Arena when he began quarreling with the people around him and "acting aggressively." According to an affidavit.

A Miami police officer approached him, trying to calm him down and find out what was going on, but Mato kept shouting, the report said. The officer noted that Mato "had a strong smell of an alcoholic drink in his breath, and how he screamed in Spanish, and he had a blurry speech," reports the police.

When another officer arrived for reinforcement, Mato began to "grow louder" and swing his arms and take a fighting stance, "the two officers tried to lead him from the arena according to the affidavit.

Adrain Mato fell down several rows of stadium seats after resisting arrest at a Miami Heat basketball match on January 30, 2019.

Instead, Mato retired and fought with the officers, and the fans quickly moved to avoid them, As they rolled down the rows, a video posted on Instagram showed.

When Mato and the officers came to a halt, he fought on, trying to punch one of the officers and bump the other's elbows, the police said The police finally beat Mato to the ground and had to carry him out of the property after the arrest report when he kicked his legs.

Mat o has been charged with employing a police officer who opposes violent, disorderly behavior in disorderly poisoning after prison records. He will be held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center for $ 11,000.

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