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Ahed Tamimi: Palestinian teenagers see the future as a "famous lawyer"

The next moment she speaks as an adult about what she has learned during the time in jail and what she intends to do with that knowledge.

The 17-year-old Palestinian teenager has become a symbol of resistance, and she has a message she wants to share.

"Resistance continues until the end of the occupation," she vowed to a fan base that had gathered in her village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank to celebrate her release. "I thank everyone who helped me with my arrest."

Tamimi came to prominence in 2012, raising her fist to become an Israeli soldier. The image of her staring at the soldier immediately made her famous.

She made international headlines again in December 201
7, when a video recording in her village showed her kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier. Hours before, an Israeli soldier had shot her cousin in the head with a rubber bullet and seriously injured him.
A few days later, she was arrested at her house at night. Charges for this incident led to her being guilty of being charged with instigating and disturbing a soldier. In a plea, eight of the twelve charges against them were dropped.

In an interview with Ian Lee of CNN on the day of her release, Tamimi appears relaxed and smiling, with a black and white Palestinian keffiyeh around her shoulders. She is on parole and occasionally chooses her words carefully.

When asked if she regrets beating the soldier, Tamimi said, "I did not do anything wrong, I did not go to the soldier, the soldier came to my house." The soldier forced me to do so That's a normal reaction to what happened. "

Tamimi was sent to jail as a teenager, but brought out an icon for the Palestinians. Every hearing of her military procedure received international attention and she was often seen in court.

"It makes me happy and so proud that I have managed to convey the message of prisoners, my homeland and nation, and manages to convey the message that the Palestinians are suffering because of the occupation," Tamimi said Lee.

At the time of their arrest, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said, "Those who go wild during the day are arrested at night."

Israel's education minister suggested that she spend her life in prison. But after their release on Sunday, the Israeli politicians were remarkably calm.

In prison, Tamimi completed her high school diploma and started making plans for the future. She's already in college.

"In the future I will enroll and study for a university, and one day I want to be a famous lawyer to defend my country," said Tamimi.

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