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Aidy Bryant as astronaut Anne McClain on SNL: "I'm not crazy!"

NASA canceled its first spacewalk last week with astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch due to lack of space suits. According to NASA, there were just not enough suits of the right size so that only one woman could make the trek, and McClain was eventually replaced by the astronaut Nick Hague. While the real McClain had understanding, Aidy Bryant's parodied version of the astronaut at the Saturday Night Live's weekend update was slightly more expressive.

Quickly Bryant's McClain blinked as she tried to calm down Explain why she was excluded from such a historic event. "I'm handy, I understand. Only one woman fits, so Christina took my space walk with my colleague Nick, and they swam in the stars, and they know what it means when God looks at the earth and I … I in the window and everything's alright! [19659003] An increasingly tense Bryant lists all of McClain's impressive achievements before adding, "But then the space shirt and pants were fake big, so unfortunately the dream has to die."

"But you still have to You just did not land outside the ship and made the spacewalk, "Michael Che said.

" Yes, I have to go into space, "Bryant said, narrowing his eyes and desperately moving his arms Cool things you know as if I'm being shot like a bullet in flames, and once I get there, I've eaten all the steak dust, and you know, you're buzzing in my tube! "

Bryant McClain's mild collapse ended with a piece of advice to girls dreaming of becoming astronauts: "They can all become astronauts, but not at the same time!" [19659007] Take a look the clip below.

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