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Akiem Hicks makes Pro Football Focus Team of the week after a tough game against dolphins

The 31-28 overtime Bears loss of the Miami Dolphins on Sunday had countless authors on the Chicago side of the ledger. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky correctly rated the defeat as a team loss, which is pretty much the case with every NFL loss, but especially in this case.

"Growing pains" only explains the variety of problems, all of which involved three bear phases in the heat of South Florida. And while devastating mistakes are inevitable for young, inexperienced head coaches and players, these coaches and players will find it hard to prove that Sunday was an anomaly at Hard Rock Stadium.

Because after five games in 2018, it's not clear that the Miami missteps are indeed exceptions, both for the players and the coaches. Regardless of whether the mistake is offensive or defensive (special teams get a pass, Sunday should never come to Cody Parkey, who has to make a field goal from 53 yards)

The Bears are in four fourth quarters Gone with Leads in 201

8 and lost two of those games. The late defensive crashes in Green Bay and Miami should be enough to put a sock in mentions of the & # 39; 85 Bears Defense and the & # 39; iteration in the same conversation.

And the fact that the Bears attack has not reached more than 7 points in any of the five fourth quarters of the fourth quarter of 2018 say that more than just the defense has no consistent finishing kick

Coaching does not to lose?

There is a fourth "phase" and not the one (fans) that Lovie Smith once quoted. It is coaching that is closely linked to each of the three main units but is its own phase. How well this fourth phase was done in Miami is a question of some blurry perspectives.

"I'm a big boy, I can handle criticism," Nagy said Monday. "Are you talking about the 53-yard field goal? No, I'm fine, I have no problem whatsoever with the criticism, there's the people, that's their own opinion, I felt good about what we did, and we're all in this thing together, and I trust our boys. "

Starting with relative detail: Two flags were thrown (one refused) in Miami for illegal formations, in both cases where the right device is released. A delay for a second and third time at the Miami 44 led to a punt, as the offensive made up only seven of the resulting eight yards. This sloppiness pointed to problems on the sidelines rather than in the group.

On several occasions, coach Matt Nagy Trubisky strongly defended Trubisky during the training camp when interceptions occurred, the coach considers these acceptable temporary losses in the larger search for his quarterback, who learns to aggressively learn his limits and abilities.

But in more than one situation on Sunday, Nagy chose the aggressive advantage he had sought to find in his quarterback and his team. It left at least a small question whether Nagy did not have confidence in himself or his quarterback or his team to deliver at a critical moment.

Did Nagy think about it the next morning? "Nope"

Shaky confidence?

Whether the bears were properly prepared on Sunday was a problem. A team with three heights came from a bad week with its worst performance in the first half of the season.

But it is what happened or did not happen that later a certain review is required.

As in: Nagy's playcalling with the game over there for the win – the over-time ownership of Chicago 20, which only requires a field goal for a win.

The point is not the revaluation of a particular call or calls, but what can work with Nagy's overall thinking and inclinations.

After a short, high-percentage throw on Trey Burton on the first attempt, Nagy named five straight-line spouts. The first two, runs of 19 and 15 yards by Jordan Howard, worked. Howard went for a two-snap break, then was back for a final run on third-and-4, which failed to hit the ball at the Miami 35, Nagy minimum for attempting a field goal.

On Obvious Conservatism The overall standings put the Bears in a position to not only turn a 53-yard field goal but also leave the field-headed dolphins at 43 if the kick was missing, which they did, despite NFL Kickers over 50 yards converted at a rate of nearly 62 percent.

"For me, this 35-yard line [was the minimum] is a 53-yard field goal, I have ultimate confidence in [kicker Cody Parkey] doing that," said Nagy. "But at the same time, every shipyard you get raises the percentage up a bit.

" We just did a [19] hope, we just did a 15 yard run, and then we had a pair more runs directly behind it. That's just the decision we made. Now, [if] he does this kick and we are good. He does not and it is "could you come a little closer?" It would have helped, but at the same time, I think Cody will be the first to tell you that he knows he can do it.

One problem: If Nagy's defense were to play at the level of the previous three games, he could apologize for trusting his defense to even stop at the starting point of Miami, but the Dolphins had the defense for Pushing back 344 yards over the previous six possessions, there could have been no reasonable expectation that the defense, which had already covered 74 yards before a fumble at first overtime possession, would suddenly stand up.

Nagy's tactics also point to a shortage with confident confidence from his back and offensive could trigger an aggressive, controlled possession at that point, which is what Nagy is likely to remain in. His offense had scored touchdowns on four of his first five possessions of the second half, as the Bears never did

But Trubisky had one inexplicable An interceptal hunt thrown by the Miami 13 and Tarik Cohen had a fumble at the Chicago 45 on the lost fourth-quarter possessions on both sides of the last Bears touchdown. By the time overtime came, Nagy had seen the sales of all three main members of his backcourt – Cohen, Howard, and Trubisky.

Whatever his reasoning, Nagy flashed defensive in the face of questions about his calls – "You go Then you throw it and then [media] you ask me why you took a sack" – an answer suggests it loosely hints that Nagy is either interested in what people think (unlikely) or that he is mad at himself and / or his players

That Nagy alludes to Trubisky taking a sack, remembers sacks that the Quarterback, who caused his team run length in front of a missed field goal (Arizona) and other sacks trying to force a game. Nagy dodged the question of whether he would play this situation otherwise than if Trubisky and his offense are more mature.

A learned answer without an answer.

Fatigue factor

Returning Tarik Cohen mentioned his own failure to adequately deal with fatigue in the second half of Sunday, in connection with his lost foul in the fourth quarter. Whether the fatigue allowed to reach a red line falls on coach or player is debatable; Players owe the coaches honest self-esteem, and coaches took balanced snapshots for Cohen (34) and Howard (36) for the game.

Cohen is a young player. Nagy and most of his staff are young, and thermal management is usually not at the top of the board. The last time (1994) the bears played a daytime game in Miami, Cohen was a year away from birth and Howard was two weeks old. Trips to Tampa in the last three years are not suitable for carryover conditioning; in addition, one of the three was in December, a second in November.

But, in the absence of restraint / moderation / discretion / whatever given the physical decline in the game, it is up to the Bears to monitor the conditioning. The sharp decline in the defense was more than obvious in the form of decaying efforts, missed tackles and generally weakening performances.

"I would like to say that I am not sure that our training and sports scientists have done a better job in this situation," Nagy said. "It was absolutely phenomenal, they were unbelievable how they handled the hydration and convulsions with our players, it was unreal, and that's a merit for them to be prepared and get our boys right."

was a long game. And if you play an extra period or extra quarter in this heat, that's a lot. For our boys, this is another part of the challenge they have been fighting and which has been collective – not just the players, but also our employees. "

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