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Alameda County issues nationwide curfew

After widespread looting and property damage across much of the East Bay on Sunday, Alameda County officials imposed a nationwide curfew on Monday.

The curfew of the district applies from June 1st and starts at 8 p.m. every night until 5:00 a.m. the following day, until 5:00 a.m. on June 5, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said.

People are “not allowed on public streets, avenues, boulevards, places, sidewalks, alleys, parks or public areas … within the boundaries of the district”, says the curfew.

Sheriff Gregory Ahern issued the order, stating that the curfew was necessary because “an extreme threat to the security of people and property has arisen in the county… as a result of unrest, violence, looting, arson and the destruction of personal and real things Property. “

There are exemptions from the curfew for “peacekeepers, firefighters, emergency response personnel, other government officials involved in authorized emergency response operations, members of the National Guard or other military personnel stationed in the county”

; and “persons who can demonstrate to the satisfaction of a peace official, that he is in such a place to travel only to his home or place of work or to receive medical help, ”the order says.

All “agents of a news agency, newspaper, radio or television station or network or other media organization” are also exempt from the curfew, as are “people affected by homelessness,” the order says.

Several cities in the Bay Area issued curfews of varying lengths on Sunday in response to riots and looting. In many cases, the looting and property damage inflicted on businesses across the East Bay appeared to have been committed by groups separate from the ongoing protests against police violence and the simultaneous murder of George Floyd by the police in the region.

Ahern wrote that if the county curfew requirements are stricter than those imposed by cities in the Alameda county, the county order would replace local orders.

While thousands of demonstrators have been taking to the streets in the Bay Area to demonstrate for the cause in the past few days and clashed with police officers using rubber bullets and tear gas on large crowds, Alameda County officials called on residents on Sunday evening on staying in their homes attributing reports of lawlessness to “large, mobile groups of rioters and looters traveling across the East Bay Area.”

Some particularly brazen looting took place on Sunday in Walnut Creek, where a woman was shot in the arm when dozens of people stormed Macy’s and Broadway Plaza business district in broad daylight. The city imposed an immediate 6:00 p.m. Curfew and urged all companies to “close immediately. Please make sure your doors are locked and secured. “

In Hayward, A suspected looter was shot by the police around 4 a.m. on Monday morning after officials responded to reports of looting at a CVS drugstore on Harder Road and Mission Boulevard.

The man was taken to hospital for minor injuries and released, the police said in a press release. His age and place of residence were not published.

There were also two commercial fires in San Leandro early Monday morning, including one at the 1919 Walmart store in Davis Street, which the Alameda County firefighters extinguished without reports of injuries.

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The authors George Kelly, Harry Harris, Julia Prodis Sulek, Annie Sciacca and Maggie Angst contributed to this report.

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