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Alec Baldwin gives his Trump Impression an injection of Lysol

Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression is a Lysol booster shot.

President Donald Trump pondered the idea of ​​injecting disinfectants to kill the coronavirus last week, which prompted Lysol maker Reckitt Benckiser to make a statement that people should never do this. Trump later went back on these comments, claiming he was sarcastic.

Then, on Friday, Baldwin broke out of his Trump impression to shed more light on the President’s thoughts.

“I would now like to clarify what was said yesterday about disinfectants and the use of disinfectants to combat the coronavirus. I was joking, of course, ”said the actor as Trump. “It was sarcasm, but the fake news media didn̵

7;t pick it up. I was joking. I didn’t suggest that you take Lysol and shoot it into your veins or spray it on a washcloth and snort it yourself or that you snort it.”

Baldwin’s Trump then introduced “a bonafide rock solid solution”.

“I’m not sarcastic. I’m not kidding at all, and they’re cheeseburgers,” said the wrong president.

He explained that cheeseburgers “always came to the rescue” and picked him up when he was down. Apparently they also have medicinal properties.

“You take a cheeseburger and dip it in butter, soak it in butter and put it in your rectum,” said the actor, adding that the cheeseburger would suck out all the poison and “kill the virus dead.”

Before Trump’s disinfectant commentary, Baldwin returned his impression by calling “Saturday Night Live” to make fun of the President’s confusing coronavirus response. He said: “Everyone has to wash their hands – or not.”

At least Baldwin’s Schein Trump now has the real solution: just put a burger in your buns.

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