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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the intersectional remix of Latinx roots and socialist politics

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"Women like me should not stand for office," began the four-week-long, now legendary, advertising campaign for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What followed was a powerful viral video called "The Courage to Change," which dealt with race and gender identity and blended seamlessly with one about their social class position. "I was not born to a wealthy or powerful family – mother from Puerto Rico, father from the South Bronx, I was born in a place where your postal code determines your destiny."

Ocasio-Cortez, whose parents are from the working class Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…39&Itemid=32 Parkchester in the Bronx moved to Yorktown Heights in the mid – range Westchester County, New York, won. English: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…39&Itemid=32 Engineering Fair earned a degree in economics and international relations from Boston University, and after channeling her millennial political fever for years, she dissolved Joseph Crowley, the king of queens, who acted as democratic socialists but on the map of the Democratic Party and were out to abolish the immigration service as cable news pictures of crying children on the US border with Mexico from ih There was no separation between parents who believed that anyone would see it coming, "said Marlene Peralta, a senior strategist at the Progressive Cities media advocacy group. Peralta, born in the Dominican Republic and living in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood since she was 14, knows how hard New York's politics can be for Latinas.

Ocasio – Cortez, 28 years old, self proclaimed. The master of the working class, who, as the ad shows, on a subway platform effortlessly switching from flats to high heels has made an impressive victory that not only shocks America, but also signals a new direction for the Democratic Party. It is clear that the movement started by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) In 2016 has found new life in a very unbroken way.

"I think so many young people are completely disillusioned with mainstream politics and the two-party system, and democratic socialism seems to have something to do with their concerns and interests," said Marisol LeBrón, a Parkchester-raised Latinx student identifying herself as Queer Nuyorican. "The fact that she is a young, colorful woman helped her connect with young people across the country who saw themselves as progressive or left-leaning and trying to reason with party politics in this increasingly repressive moment."

Cristina Beltrán, who teaches politics At New York University it was important that Ocasio-Cortez not only clarified "who" she was, but also "what" she strongly represented. "Your message was not just" pick me, I'm a Latina with a good personal story. "Instead, she seemed committed to bringing alienated voters into the process, and she had an advanced, corporate message about it economic justice. "

Ocasio-Cortez has come up with a platform that calls for Medicare for all, a school-free public college, a federal employment guarantee, a criminal law reform, a green reconstruction of the national energy infrastructure, and the abolition of the ICE; which has had enough of increasing inequality and the emergence of Trumpian authoritarianism. Her life story and her political actions have a flexible, intersectional quality that takes shape before our eyes and helps create a new force in American politics.

"The most exciting part of their victory is their platform," said Carlina Rivera. a New York City Council freshman from the Lower East Side of Manhattan who shares the youth of Ocasio-Cortez and is proud to be an urban, working Latina. "It is clearly based on democratic values ​​- a humane, responsible policy centered on racism, classism and discriminatory politics – I think it sets off the myth of Bernie Bro – see who voted for them! voters do not want anyone who feels comfortable, they want you to deal with them. "

Merged with their own mix of intense neighborhood advertising and digital engagement – on social media and in thousands of years of online publications Ocasio-Cortez identity politics with class politics. "I can not name a single problem with roots in the race that has no economic impact, and I can not imagine a single economic problem that has no racial impact," she told The Nation magazine last week. "The idea that we have to separate them and choose one is a scam."

In the case of complaints from her opponent Crowley, who emphasized her Puerto Rican roots, "she does that over race," she accused him of only having a token presence in the district, saying his children were being trained in Northern Virginia. It made the connection between racial and ethnic background and had no access to the generational wealth, which facilitates the office life. Although Puerto Ricans have been American nationals since 1917, thus avoiding the naturalization process and its dangers, Ocasio-Cortez strongly associated with the Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans in their district.

New York's 14 th The Congressional District itself is a sprawling territory of ethnic and ethnic crossroads – about 50 percent Latino and 20 percent white. The East Bronx that I grew up in has Latinos, Blacks, South Asians, and a few remaining ethnic Europeans, while the Jackson Heights-Elmhurst area of ​​Queens is home to a fascinating mix of Central and South American Latinos, South Asians, Chinese, and Koreans. On any day in the 90 ten street stop of train 7 in Elmhurst, where Ocasio-Cortez filmed a social video of her election campaign, one becomes a sound wave of cumbias, rancheras, beauty salon commercials and football matches. None of this amazing mixture seemed to bother Ocasio-Cortez.

To this strong stew, Ocasio-Cortez added a Sanders-like assessment of what hurts the American dream by offering solutions that identify the "s" word strategies of a group with which it identifies itself openly, the Democratic Socialists of America. The same "socialism" that center and rights often identify with swanky European thinkers and student-indebted millennials proves to be a workable approach to the issues of colored people living apart from the possibility of high quality and affordable education the accumulation of generational wealth.

Ocasio-Cortez's words sound familiar to me. Like her, I had grown up in the Bronx, living at times in the same Parkchester settlement she once had with her Puerto Rican parents. Like many Nuyoricans of our two generations, she is bilingual, passionate about her roots, and desperately wanted to shed light on our beloved gente and cultura ignored or even ignored by America ,

Rivera, who also identifies himself as a democratic socialist, sees this perspective as a kind of politics that is "really progressive and understands that the system did not work for colored people." Being a socialist is much closer, being a progressive than most people think. "

While Ocasio represents a major challenge for established Democrats, it could also threaten the local Latino / Puerto Rican political establishment, which has never strayed too far from the Democratic Center. Bronx County President Rubén Díaz lamented Crowley's loss and called him someone the church in Washington needed, and so far there has been no reaction from longtime Boricua Reps. Nydia M. Velásquez (NY), José E. Serrano (NY) and Luis V. Gutiérrez (Ill.), The latter campaigning for Crowley.

Ocasio will confront Republican Anthony Pappas for the 14th District Square in November, but given the Republicans' poor record somewhere in the five boroughs outside of Staten Island, they will likely win and be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Then perhaps she would face her greatest challenge – avoiding the compromises of her high-minded ideals by continuing to deny corporate donations. Can it conclude alliances with New Wave Progressives and mainstream Democrats to push for health insurance with just one nurse, a major reform of criminal justice and the end of the terrible hunt for immigrants that characterize the Trump years?

Ocasio-Cortez, as an overnight sensation of a new Democratic movement, can at least be pleased that she finally found a way to bring race and class together in American politics.

"The victory of Ocasio-Cortez gives me much hope, not only because she is so young and Latina like me, who has a promising political future, but because she has actually made Latinos vote and vote" said Peralta. "Now we can say," Look, that's why you're voting, and so you're making a political system that has taken us for granted for too long, finally take us seriously. "Do not be surprised if you see Governor Cuomo, Cynthia Nixon, and other candidates who are now focusing on Latinos, and we will have the Ocasio effect for that."

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