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Alien Movie goes back to school

A Midsummer Night's Dream Arsenic and Old Lace and Our Town are some of the most popular plays that were performed at high schools Alien be the new Crucible ?

Alien: The Play was performed by North Bergen High School Drama Club on March 19 and 22 in North Bergen, New Jersey. If you thought you would see a cute piece playing in a classroom with kids running in front of a guy with a bucket on their head, guess again. The audience received a Broadway-like production from members of the NBHS Drama Club who have been working on the production since September 2018.

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Photos from the production were originally posted on Reddit by Emo_Kid23, a senior North Bergen High School who was also kind enough to answer the questions of avid Redditors. In the post, Emo_Kid23 said the school did not fund part of the production, and the game was a result of fundraising. The amazing sets, which included elements such as the opening and closing of airlocks and the iconic Space Jockey set, were all made from recyclable materials. The stage design was designed by art teacher Steven Defendini.

How reliable is the production? Only the climate scene of Dallas in the Alien Chamber did not make it into the performance. The drama club took the performance one step further by letting the Xenomorph Alien run into the audience to scare a number of spectators. Additional short scenes have been added to allow transitions. In total, fifty people worked on the production.

If you want to see the entire video recording of the performance, you have to wait. The classroom teacher is currently working on footage from four different cameras and will need to complete it by May to complete the film. Maybe James Cameron or Ridley Scott can help to give a hand. The trailer can be found on the YouTube channel of drama teacher Perfecto Cuervo.

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Neill Blomkamp, ​​director of District 9 and Elysium tried the alien franchise to continue with the return of actor Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn. The film was discontinued by the studio instead of Ridley Scott's inclusion in the franchise with Alien: Covenan t. Blomkamp's version of Alien is "totally dead" and he is currently working on a sequel to RoboCop. RoboCop Returns would be a direct continuation of Paul Verhoeven's original film, and Blomkamp wanted Peter Weller to return to his iconic role. [1

94559007] Alien franchise is owned by 21st Century Fox, but given the recent acquisition by Disney, the time with related productions will determine the next steps. But when Disney tries to turn his latest property into a play, he knows exactly who to turn to.

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