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Alienware has created a stunning hotel room for gamers

Alienware stands behind a dedicated room at the Hilton Panama City Hotel aimed at gamblers. The room was created in collaboration with Dell after a local report and has a battlestation with a huge display and Alienware logo. However, the room is not just for the show – anyone can rent it for about $ 359 / night.

For many, vacation means enjoying the joys of life from the obligations of life. Not everyone wants to spend their days on a beach or visit tourist attractions, and this is where the "Alienware Room" comes into play. Everyone who stays in this room has access to a complete battlestation, including a game chain, desktop, peripherals,

The space was recently featured in a video by Alienware Latin America that gives viewers a brief tour of the rental business including its Amenities. In addition to the prominently-appointed Battlestation, the room has a desk with a high-end office chair and Alienware laptop, bedspreads with the Alienware logo and even a bathroom with the logo and highly saturated LED lighting effects.

This is the first hotel room to feature Alienware gaming technology, according to local publication Xataka stating that it is room 2425 and that it must be reserved within the Hilton hotel itself. The room was opened for guests on the 19th of April although it is probably popular enough to require an early reservation.

Gear includes an Alienware effects system with custom LED lights and color effects on all rooms, a 65-inch 4K OLED TV with 5.1-channel audio system, a 34-inch 4K gaming monitor, mechanical keyboard by Alienware, Xbox Controller, a full configuration Alienware desktop PC, an Alienware 15 laptop, and an Oculus Rift VR headset.

Source: Xataka

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