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All 62 Celebrities Sacha Baron has & # 39; Duped & # 39; (Photos)

Since the announcement of Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime series "Who is America?" Several politicians, including Sarah Palin and Joe Walsh, have said that they were made to speak with the actor's many pseudonyms in front of the camera. You are not alone, as many other public figures have been deceived by Baron Cohen to appear in (sometimes unfavorable but always uncomfortable) on-screen moments.

  Donald Trump Ali Sacha Baron Cohen Interview


1. Donald Trump In 2003, when Trump was still an entrepreneur and was not yet in the White House, Baron Cohen, who presented himself as British rapper Ali G, approached him with an interesting business proposal: gloves that eat the ice cream Keep hands warm. Trump later claimed that he was the only person who had "left out" immediately from an interview with Ali G.

  Newt gingrich wikileaks Julian donkey flip trump


2. Newt Gingrich While Ali G & G's interview with the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ali G asked Gingrich several times how he could pronounce his name.

NBC [19659005] 3. Pat Buchanan Conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan seemed to follow Baron Cohen's cunning when his character blends weapons of mass destruction with BLTs when talking about Iraq.

  christine whitman ali

HBO [19659005] 4. Christine Todd Whitman Whitman, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency and Governor of New Jersey, endured questions from Ali G about the size and ecological impact of Walkot.

  WASHINGTON - July 8: Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III answers questions during a press conference in Washington DC on July 8, 2008, which publishes the results of Capitol Hill National War Powers Commission. The bipartisan commission chaired by former Secretary of State Warren Christopher Baker recommended the lifting of the War Powers Act and closer coordination between the White House and Congress in launching the fight. (Photo by Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images)

Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

5. James Baker Ali G examined the former foreign minister about the danger that Iraq and Iran would have similar names. "Is not there a real danger that someone will send a message via radio to one of the fighter pilots, where one of them says: Bomb Iraq, and the truncheon does not hear it right and bomb Iran instead of Iraq?" He asked, to which Baker replied, " No danger. "

  neil hamilton ali g

Channel 4

6. Neil Hamilton "Completely embarrassed" MP Neil Hamilton shared what seemed to be on stage with Ali G. This was done with the consent of the character.

  Ralph Nader on "Realtime with Bill Maher"


7. Ralph Nader The former presidential candidate of the Green Party discussed with Ali G about the dangers of jungle life and how to run electricity meters.

  LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 7: Gail Porter attends the "Cirque du Soleil: Quidam" premiere in the Royal Albert Hall on January 7, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images)

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

8. Gail Porter Ali G serenaded TV star Gail Porter with "Every Breath You Take" by the police while she holds her hand in a prolonged, uncomfortable moment.

  Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Civil Rights Attorney General Thomas Perez attends the July 26, 2010, Washington DC memorial service commemorating the 20th anniversary of the "American with Disabilities" campaign.

Getty Images

9. Dick Thornburgh The former Attorney General was asked by Ali G only "how heavy" are the members of a Hung jury.

  Boutros Boutros-Ghali


10. Boutros Boutros-Ghali "I'm Boutros Boutros-Ghali. Put your gun away and listen to Bob Marley," said the late former UN Secretary-General as he finished the interview.

  WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 21: Former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft testifies during a hearing of the US Senate forces committee Capitol Hill, January 21, 2015 in Washington, DC. The committee heard statements from former cabinet members on global challenges and the United States national security strategy. (Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

11. Brent Scowcroft The former US Security Advisor corrected Ali G when he asked if they caught the people sending Tampax through the post. "It was anthrax," Scowcroft replied.

  James Lippton Ali


12. James Lipton Lipton, the host of "Inside the Actors Studio," cautions Ali G's use of the word "hoe" cautiously during his interview. "I do not use words like & # 39; hack & # 39; and I hate them," Lipton said after a long pause.

  Buzz Aldrin

Cooper Neill / Getty Images

13. Buzz Aldrin "Do you believe that man will ever go on the sun?" Asked Ali G in his interview with the astronaut. Sam donaldson ” class=”image lazy” width=”618″ height=”412″/>


14. Sam Donaldson The interview with "ABC News Boss," Sam Donaldson, seemed innocent to begin. Ali G asked how the media influenced politics. The conversation changed quickly when rapper Watergate, the movie "Waterworld" and the television series "Stargate" put together.

  LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 08: The three-time Grammy-winning artist Porter Wagoner arrives at "The Soul of Country" the 9th annual Grammy Foundation Music Preservation Project, which will be held on February 8, 2007 at the Wilshire Ebell Theater Los Angeles, California, took place. (Photo by Ryan Miller / Getty Images)

Ryan Miller / Getty Images

15. Porter Wagoner Baron Cohen's Kazakh character, Borat, asked the country singer for help writing a country song about his sister, "the number two or three prostitutes in the land of Kazakhstan". In his later film, she is mentioned again, "Borat." HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 9: John Naber, four-time US Olympic gold medalist, attends an exhibition party hosting the Olympic Opening Ceremony of the filmmakers of "Icarus" at the Hollywood Athletic Club in February 9, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

  (Photo by Rich Fury / Getty Images for Netflix)

Rich Fury / Getty Images

16. John Naber Olympic medalist John Naber pampered Ali G while raping to his beatboxing.

  Gore Vidal

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

17. Gore Vidal The late historian and author Gore Vidal remained courteous when Ali G confused him with the hairdresser Vidal Sassoon.

Getty Images

18-29. NBA players (Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Ben Wallace, Shaquille O'Neal, Tim Duncan, Robert Horry, Richard Jefferson, Dwayne Wade, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Reggie Miller, Steve Kerr) highlights this interview Assembly included as Ali G Kobe Bryant asked if the weather was really "elsewhere" and Shaquille O'Neal Ali gently knocked on the knee while explaining to him what "NBA" stands for.

  noam chomsky

William B. Pflüger / Getty Images

30. Noam Chomsky Ali G puzzled Chomsky when he asked if bilingual people were attracted to both men and women, instead referring to bisexuality.

  Andy Rooney confused for Mickey Rooney


31. Andy Rooney The "60 Minutes" Pundit trained Ali G Grammatik during her interview, sullenly "thinking" to "think" and "racism" corrected to "racism" and refused to let go of a single mistake

  edwin meese


32. Edwin Meese Like many other Ali G guests, former Attorney General Edwin Meese ended his interview with a rap: "I was Attorney General, my name is Meese, I say, go to university, do not wear a piece." [19659062] WASHINGTON – APRIL 13: Former FBI director Thomas Pickard testifies at the 10th public hearing on law enforcement and intelligence services before the 9/11 attacks of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Against the United States on Capitol Hill 13 April 2004 in Washington, DC. Pickard testified his education work in the fight against terrorism before 9/11. (Photo by Alex Wong / Getty Images) ” class=”image lazy” width=”618″ height=”412″/>

Alex Wong / Getty Images

33. Thomas J. Pickard Former FBI acting director Thomas J. Pickard had entered into a discussion about Area 51, in which Ali G played "The X-Files" and talked about being investigated by aliens.

  marlin fitzwater

Getty Images

34. Marlin Fitzwater In a tantalizing moment, Ali G embarrassed the former White House press secretary for being a secretary and likened him to being a nurse.

  kent hovind


35. Kent Hovind Ali G countered Young Earth spokesman Kent Hovind's argument for creationism by asking if he ate bananas, which he said. Ali used his answer to prove that humans are related to monkeys who (somehow) debunk his argument.

  sally jessy raphael

Jim Lord / Getty Images

36. Sally Jessy Raphael In the episode where Sally Jessy Raphael was seen, Ali G crashed the talk show on her television program "Sally" and tore open the audience before she entered.

  naomi wolf


37. Naomi Wolf Any conversation with Ali G and feminism is bad news. The author Naomi Wolf was noticeably frustrated by the misogynistic nature of the character – "Hello, I'm speechless," she said, after Ali explained in detail how he used the word "bitch" as a lovable expression for his girlfriend.

  c Everett Koop

Alex Wong / Getty Images

38. Dr. C. Everett Koop Former Surgeon General Dr. med. C. Everett Koop had to explain to Ali G that the "Dong bone" is actually not bone.

  Stansfield Turner

Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images

39. Stansfield Turner In this interview, Ali G spoke with former CIA director Stansfield Turner in a library and wore a jersey labeled "Big Willie" on the front. He inquired about conspiracy theories and whether we can really be sure that "Louis Armstrong" landed on the moon.

  David Beckham Victoria Beckham

Photo by Bruno Vincent / Getty Images

40-41. David and Victoria Beckham Although Ali G's interview with the Beckhams was done for comic relief, it was just as uncomfortable as usual. "How many of the Spice Girls refused you before you chose Posh?" He asked the football star, who was red in the face and almost unable to answer.

42-43. Chip Pickering and James W. Smith, Jr. Former Mississippi MP Chip Pickering and former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice James W. Smith, Jr. made a short cameo in "Borat" when he joined the community his Pentecostal church went where he represented his views against the theory of evolution. Alan Keyes ” class=”image lazy” width=”618″ height=”412″/>

Sovereign Nations

44. Alan Keyes It took the anti-Semitic Borat to give Keyes a "rib of a Jew" so that the conservative activist and expert could rip off his microphone and storm out of the interview.

  Bob Barr

20. Century Fox

45. Bob Barr Who could ever forget Bob Barr's unpleasant gulp when Borat gave him a gift from his wife's mother's milk.

  Ron Paul

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

46. Ron Paul The former Texan representative and presidential candidate is tricked into a hotel room "interview" with Baron Cohen's fashionable Austrian character, Bruno, who immediately put on music and undressed to reveal a tight pair of shiny, purple underpants. 19659099] paula abdul ” class=”image lazy” width=”618″ height=”412″/>

Universal Pictures

47. Paula Abdul The singer evidently had no idea what she was getting into. In her interview with Bruno she talked about her humanitarian work while sitting on "human chairs" – "gardeners" crouched on all fours. She left before she could eat sushi from a naked man.

  Ryan Seacrest Sacha Baron Cohen

E! Entertainment

48. Ryan Seacrest Although Baron Cohen was a feat rather than an act of cunning, he attended the 2012 Red Carpet in his character from "The Dictator," General Aladeen. He accidentally "spilled" the alleged ashes of Kim Jong Il on Seacrest during a brief interview before being led away from safety

  Sarah Palin julian assange wikileaks flip

Getty Images

49. Sarah Palin The former Governor of Alaska was one of the first notable personalities who differed from Baron Cohen over "Who is America?" It tore off the actor who, as a "wounded veteran" Billy Wayne Ruddick, Jr., Ph.D., put his humor "evil, exploitative, sick." Showtime later released a statement refuting her contention that Baron Cohen purported to be an injured veteran, and that his character used a mobility scooter to "save his energy."

  Joe Walsh What is America


50th Joe Walsh The former congresswoman and media personality confirmed Palin's allegations and declared Baron Cohen had deceived him by inviting him to the "Pro Israel Dinner" and celebrating an interview with him on Israel's 70th birthday ,

  Dick Cheney


51. Dick Cheney In a clip titled "Who is America?" Former Vice President Dick Cheney is signing a "Waterboarding Kit," which is a plastic pitcher of water. "This is the first time I have signed a waterboard," he said.

  Ted Koppel

Kirk Irwin / Getty Images

52. Ted Koppel The former "Nightline" anchor told The Hollywood Reporter how he was fooled by Baron Cohen's wheelchair-bound character. Koppel said he was asked about the size of President Trump's inauguration tribune, that Baron Cohen's character was trying to convince him that it was bigger than it really was.

  Roy Moore

Getty Images

53. Roy Moore Moore, a former Alabama judge and US Senate candidate, issued a statement claiming he had been invited to Israel for a 70th birthday. "I do not need Sacha Cohen to tell me who America is, but I can tell him that America is a proud nation born of modest beginnings and a strong belief in God, virtue and morality," he wrote

  Austin Rhodes Radio

Mike Zarrilli / Getty Images

54. Austin Rhodes The conservative radio host reported on his interview with gender and women's research professor Dr. Nira Cain, another of Baron Cohen's Who's America? Characters. During the 90-minute on-air interview, "40 or 50" listeners sent emails expressing their speculation before Baron Cohen suddenly disappeared with a "gastrointestinal meltdown". Rhodes said he had seen Baron Cohen's film "Borat" about 20 times and was surprised that he did not recognize him.

  Joe Arpaio

Getty Images

55. Joe Arpaio Arizona's former sheriff, who pronounced himself "America's hardest sheriff, said he was interviewed by Baron Cohen, posing as a 'famous Finnish comedian." Baron Cohen used words that Arpaio said he did Feeling uncomfortable, like "Blow Job" and "Golden Shower," the sheriff told Breitbart.

  philip van cleave who is america


57-61, Philip Van Cleave, Trent Lott, Larry Pratt, Dana Rohrabacher, Joe Wilson. Gunplayer Philip Van Cleave directed this commercial with support Other politicians and representatives Van Cleave and Baron Cohen, posing as Israeli anti-terrorist expert Col. Erran Morad, teach children how to use weapons with the "child-friendly" "Puppy Pistol."

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