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All Stars returns with its hitherto most brutal brand women

RuPaul's Drag Race had a pretty big year in 2018 and went straight from the controversial All Stars 3 into the Emmy-winning Drag Race season 10. All Stars is back for the fourth season, and the first episode marks the start of a solid start. However, fans have to wait and see if RuPaul and the rest of the producers have learned from the mistakes of All Stars 3 .

The season begins, as always, with the entrances of the Queens Workroom, and it is immediately clear that this is an accomplished and focused cast. Almost every appearance of a queen is hot and they sell immediately when they are in front of the camera. Fifth season Monique Heart beats several of her phrases and has a terrific look from "Heart of Season 10". Trinity Taylor The tenth season ninth comes out in a body bag before opening to reveal a neon green, plastic-inspired Sarah Paulson-inspired look. Season 8 Naomi Smalls is all about her legs; Gia Gunn's sixth season is great with Our Lady of Guadalupe and other religious images. Season nine's Farrah Moan sparkles in Christina Drag; Season 7 Jasmine Masters rocks a flowery pantsuit; and Valentina immediately starts playing nasty character and fashion aesthetics from Season 9 onwards. Only season 10 Monet X Change does not leave a strong impression and rescues their branding callbacks for the maxi challenge.


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Exactly as the queens discuss that the cast seems a bit thin The alarm sounds for the introductory video, and RuPaul enters the workroom for the first time , welcomes the Queens to All Stars 4 and promises the usual All Stars rules as well as a few twists. The first "twist" is enormously oversold. Ru introduces fourth season Latrice Royale and third season Manila Luzon, who teamed up in the first team All Stars as Team Latrila. Both Latrice and Manila will get another crack at All Stars and they're excited and ready to go. Latrice's purple look is fabulous, but Manila's Roadkill takes on her Big Bird look from her three-lobed dubbing with Delta Work and is one step ahead, and another example of the meta-consciousness the queens bring to this season.

With the cast With the introduction of the first mini challenge, Ru opens the first small challenge and opens the library for the fan favorite "Reading is Fundamental". As the seasons have become clearer, reading is hard and while a handful of queens have had a real talent for it throughout the series (Bianca Del Rio is immediately conspicuous), the structured nature of reading has stolen it's a sense of immediacy Truth. Everyone knows that this challenge is imminent, and everyone is well-rehearsed. This robs what a worn, funny and dodgy exercise of his playfulness should be. There is either no stitch in the generic reads or too much in the overly-calculated reads. Jasmine Masters is doing well and Latrice Royale is the winner, but the best line of the group comes from Naomi Smalls: "Farrah Moan is so dumb she thought Valentina was her best friend." It's a great reading, the right balance of perception and shadow; if she had just nailed the delivery.

Once the library is opened, it's closed, and it's time for the first maxi challenge. RuPaul announces that they will start season two and three with a talent show in season four. This time, the theme will be a star-spangled variety show for a group of LGBTQ troops. The episode spends a bit of time planning and backstage preparation, pointing to problems that are coming soon, but it's about time for the show. First and foremost is Monique Heart, who is using this anticipated first challenge to debut a single "Brown Cow Stunning," which plays her memorable brown cow / giraffe print error in season 10. This might feel tired and overly stimulating, but thanks to your energy, and because she can indeed dance and sing well, Monique revitalises and brings something new to her slogan. Naomi Smalls next goes on to model and dance in a routine that's fine but not particularly compelling until her last sexy moment as she strips off part of her wig and reveals an old grandpa twist to her glamorous look. Gia Gunn completely changes the mood with a kabuki performance that is charming and attracts everyone's attention, which is quite a feat in light of the lyrical feeling and the focus on beauty over comedy. The entire jury bows to watch, and it's a surprise when she's not in the top three. Trinity the Tuck brings back the energy that a well-thought-out comedy routine around tucking does, revealing one of their trademark ridiculously tight tucks.

Things Begin Turning to Farrah Moan Making a Strip This routine starts well enough, but it hooks when it slips on a discarded piece of fabric and falls off. Farrah tries to recover, but is clearly shaken. Next comes Monét X Change, who sings and dances like Monique to an original song. Unfortunately, she has some vocal problems and does not bring much new in "Soak It Up", her single after season 10. While Monique's brown cowl piece feels energetic and refreshed, Monet's sponge gag feels like a retread rather than an upgrade from his previous one Results. It's no surprise that both Farrah and Monét are at the bottom. Manila Luzon takes a more unconventional approach, painting an upside down bouquet of flowers while wearing a painter's smock before turning the canvas over, and changing the matching dress behind it. It's not enough to take them to the top, but it's unmistakable and fun, and it's a nice break from the vocal, lip-synching, and dance performances that make up most of the variety show.

Also distinctive is Jasmine Masters, who comes out to make a short stand-up set. The editors make sure that their decision not to prepare material or even write an outline is shadowed by a lampshade. Timing is everything in the comedy; It is possible that the routine was better in person than we are shown here, with countless reaction shots disturbing their rhythm. What we see, however, is roughly . Like Farrah and Monét, Jasmine earns her place at the bottom. Next comes Latrice Royale, who dances and performs a flag routine, the only queen to consider the "for the troops" section. Rounding out the show is Valentina, who is exterminating her notorious season nine and dubbing her lips in Spanish. Her choice of talent makes sense in declaring herself this season and communicating that she has learned her lesson, but especially as a final act, this is anything but exciting. Each of these queens is expected to be able to perform the synchronization well. It's a big part of the show. At most, this notion shows that it is equal to the other queens, and this is not a good way to All Stars .

to begin. After a short round of judges' comments (welcome to the show, guest judge Jenifer Lewis! Come over and over again, you, lovely, funny lady!), Trinity and Monique are the top two queens, while Farrah and Jasmine are the bottom two are. The backstage reflections make Trinity and Monique's decision clear: Farrah wants to stay and fight in a way that Jasmine does not, but Jasmine is much more centered and less emotionally distressing. Jasmine should go to her variety show performances alone, as Farrah has at least started well, but Jasmin's flame-out feels less likely. Both Trinity and Monique nod to the responsibility and emotional weight associated with eliminating another queen, but fortunately both know they have chosen to, and they do not waste much time on unnecessary guilt and wrangling.

Lipsticks chosen, it's time for Lip Sync for her legacy. The song "Emotions" by Mariah Carey is an excellent choice, and both Monique and Trinity do an excellent job. Monique makes a new turn in the cast wig tradition as her wig locks onto the lighting fixture and she rocks her bald head for the second half of her performance. Even though it ends up as an amusing, broad physical comedy, she does not quite fit in with Trinity, who at the end nails the whistles particularly well and gets the win out. Trinity reveals her lipstick and announces that Jasmine Masters is the first queen retired from All Stars 4 . Although it is not undeserved – her standup really has not landed – it is somewhat surprising. The editing points more towards Farrah, based only on the interpersonal dynamics. That being said, Trinity clearly respects a fighter, and that was Farrah's misfortune at the deliberations. We'll see if she lives up to Trinity's faith in her. There is room for improvement for some of the queens, but All Stars 4 has a good start, and if producers can avoid falling into familiar traps, this could be another strong and memorable season. [19659012BreathObservations

  • Welcome to The AV Club coverage of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 4 ! I'm happy to be able to take over Oliver Sava as a director for the show week by week. I look forward to reading all your thoughts in the comments.
  • I may not be her biggest fan, but it's exciting to have Gia Gunn this season's first openly trans woman to compete in Drag Race . As she says here, she is "a woman who participates in the art of drawing." I know that the question of what defines the move and for whom it is intended can be tricky and complex, but I'm glad more Inclusion in the show.
  • Seriously, how long did it take Ru to bring Jenifer Lewis to the court? She is perfect. I give her the "AMEN!" It's boring for the entire jury: "It's boring."
  • Ross Matthews & # 39; s feedback to Jasmine is also in a nutshell and shows just how beneficial he is to the jury: compassionate, but Honest and articulate.
  • I really like this group of queens, and it feels like we're the most balanced All Stars we've had, admittedly too strong towards the ninth and tenth seasons weighted, but bringing back Latrice and Manila helps, and currently at least five of the queens feel like real contenders.

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