According to a recent survey, language purchases are expected to grow from $ 2 billion to $ 40 billion over the next four years. How far are smart speakers?

SAN FRANCISCO – Nearly 20% of Americans Will Use It At least once a month, an intelligent speaker, a surprisingly quick recording for a technology that's only three and a half years old.

Digital research firm eMarketer estimates that 61.1 million Americans will use a smart speaker in 2018, or 18.7% of the population

The most popular thing about a smart speaker is listening to music, which is 74 % of eMarketer respondents said they did.

Next, questions were asked, such as the weather, time, or information that 72.1% of smart speaker users did.

In a blow to the companies that wanted to make these new gadgets into a major shopping mode, only 39.2% stated that only 28.2% said they used them to buy items.

These speakers are also pushing to become the overall controller for smart home appliances such as lights, doors and security systems. But only 33.1% of people said they used theirs for this purpose.

The smart speaker was launched in November 2014 when Amazon introduced its voice-activated assistant technology from Alexa, who lived on his new Echo smart speaker unit.

Amazon has a first advantage: 66.6% of the users of smart speakers talk to Alexa on one of Amazon's many devices, including the Echo, the Dot, and the Show.

Google catching up. In 2018, eMarketer estimates that 29.4% of smart speaker users will be talking to a Google Home, but expects this number to increase to 33% by 2020.

"Amazon and Google are vying for smart home and ecommerce spots, and Google pricing has revived the artificial intelligence race to dominate the house," said eMarketer forecast analyst Jaimie Chung.

Note that eMarketer defines a speaker user as someone who uses it so that the numbers take into account people who have multiple brands or use a speaker at a friend or at work they do not own. 19659008] More: Facebook can bring international smart speakers to market before US privacy issues

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