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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here's everything we know so far

Amazon Prime subscribers are eagerly awaiting the annual mega-sale of the e-commerce giant for electronics, appliances, home appliances and more will be up for sale – or even when exactly the Prime Day will take place. If Amazon adheres to the tradition, it will probably come soon.

Here is an overview of everything we know about Prime Day 2019 so far.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is the "biggest shopping event" Exclusively for Prime members, "says Amazon.

Amazon launched Prime Day in 201

5 to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The company said its sales during the opening event had surpassed the sales of a previous Black Friday.

Since then it has grown. The 36-hour sale last year was the largest shopping event in the history of Amazon.

Prime Day 2018 brought more sales than any Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday, or previous Prime Day customer in 17 participating countries. The site suffered temporary downtime as customers worldwide began looking for bargains. Customers purchased more than 100 million products – $ 4.2 billion in revenue, Bloomberg reported in 2018.


When is Prime Day?

Amazon has not officially released the date for Prime Day 2019. However, this is usually scheduled for mid-July.

Prime Day 2015 started on July 15th. Prime Day 2016 started on the 12th of July. Prime Day 2017 began on July 10 and Prime Day 2018 on July 16.

Amazon did not respond immediately to Fox Business's request on Tuesday morning for clarification.

How does this differ from buying things on Amazon on another day?

Prime Day included more than one million deals for Prime members last year. There are so many products available for sale that every few minutes new offers have been published.

Can I participate?

Prime Day offers are only available to Prime users. An annual membership costs $ 119, a monthly membership $ 12.99.

However, if you have not logged in, you can try Amazon for 30 days for free. This includes access to services such as streaming movies and free Kindle books.

According to Amazon, more customers have signed up for Prime Day on Prime Day 2018 than any other day in the company's history.

For sellers using Amazon, Prime Day can mean a big boost in sales. According to the company, small and medium-sized businesses sold through Amazon generated more than $ 1.5 billion in revenue on Prime Day 2018.

What will be on sale on Prime Day 2019?

Amazon has not announced it yet Offers for this year's Prime Day do not yet exist, but it is safe to say that many different items will be offered for sale during this year's event.

On Prime Day of last year, millions of Amazon-based consumers bought devices such as Echo, Fire TV, and Kindle.


The most popular non-Amazon product in the US last year was a pressure cooker. Other popular items around the world were personal water filters, cordless drills, robotic vacuum cleaners, and memory cards.

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