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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Sports Tech Deal Tracker

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Ok folks, you know the drill – today is the best day of the year, just before Black Friday , for deals, sports technologies, and more. What began as a pure Amazon thing a few years ago has strangely enough spread beyond Amazon, with other retailers and companies that also fit together ̵

1; you could call it Mid-July or Bastille Day Morning After. Whatever your boat swims.

I'll update this list all day long as long as it's in. Come in and out, as well as on Twitter Remember – things are coming in and out The crux of Prime Day is short-term Sales, things that usually only take one and a half or two hours, if you see something that you like – grab it, it'll be gone soon (and find out how it can be returned later, if need be) I, that egg a number of sports technology companies are indeed participating – both with and without Amazon o I will definitely highlight them when I see them.

Well, although it's known as "Amazon Prime Day," the fine people of Seattle are not particularly good at singular versus plural, and this year it's actually two days – today (July 15) and tomorrow (May 16) . July). And, of course, probably every one of the links you find here will support the site – that's why I appreciate that very much. If you see something else on Amazon that you want, just click on one of these links first, and then look for Amazon. The website will continue to be supported. Easy-peasy!

You must be an Amazon Prime member, but you can use the free trial if you do not have membership. Oh, and one more tip: Most of the time, Amazon will be repeating sales on Prime Day. If you miss this, come back every 3-4 hours. Sometimes it will be displayed later.

Sports Tech Deals:

These are all offers for products that I have reviewed, with which I've had hands-on experience or been ripped off in some other way. Note: I will try to get the most out of Euro Deals throughout the day, although it can be a bit difficult finding them on so many Amazon EU websites.

Apple Watches: 30-40% off Apple Watches: This includes the Apple Watch Series 3 up to $ 169-199 and the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE up to $ 224. Holy balls. If you're looking for a new iPad for your indoor workout, you'll save 40%.

Apple AirPods – $ 15 to $ 20 discount: This is the latest version I worked with quite well The latest Garmin watches for music playback. And here is the version for wireless charging.

DJI OSMO Action – $ 30 off $ 319: This is DJI's first action cam that came out just over a month ago, and the first time we've seen it sell.

DJI Mavic Air – $ 120 off $ 679: I mix and combine these or the DJI Spark as my favorite drone to take with them on trips and rides. Fits easily in the back pocket made of jersey.

Garmin Wearables: 30-50% off many Garmin watches: These include the Fenix ​​5 series, the Forerunner 35 (up to $ 88!), The Vivoactive 3 (up to $ 149!) And even The Garmin Forerunner 645 music among many others.

GoPro Hero 7 Black – $ 50 Amazon Gift Card Included: It's kind of like getting money back. It's also my main action cam.

GoPro Accessory Package: I received almost exactly the same package early in the winter. The price is usually $ 25 but will be set to "Coming Soon" at a later date.

SanDisk Action Cams MicroSD Cards – 30-60% Off: I use a lot of SanDisk cards for my action cams and drones. Seriously, I have a disturbing number of them. My personal sweet spot is 128 GB, but I often buy 256 GB cards.

Wahoo Fitness Sensors – 20% Off: This includes the dual ANT + / BLE TICKR HR Belt, the RPM Sensor, the Speed ​​Sensor and the BlueSC Dual Speed ​​/ Cadence Sensor.

European offers:

In general, most Amazon websites in the EU (UK / DE / IT / ES / FR) are delivered without any problems within the EU. In general, the operative word. If Amazon allows you, they are all good. If this is not the case, sometimes you sneak to the other Amazon sites, and occasionally it also works there for 79GPB!), The Vivoactive 3 (up to 149GBP!) And even the Garmin Forerunner 735XT Triathlon Bundle and the Vivomoves are here. This supports shipping to mainland Europe.

Garmin Edge 820 – 50% off up to 189 EUR: Damn, that's a very sweet deal for this device.

Polar Vantage V – 50% off! That's a good deal with 220 GBP. Also available on mainland Europe.

Polar Vantage M – 36% Off: Also note that both the Vantage V and the Vantage M will receive the overwhelming majority of Polar Ignite's new features later this year.

Polar A370 – 55% off: This is your activity tracker, which can also use your phone's GPS.


Things in this bucket are basically the things I buy or bought that maybe or maybe it has nothing to do with sports technology, but I know that many of you are curious about other purchases that I do – like photography or gadgets or something like that. All of this is for sale, of course.

Elgato Green Screen: This is used by both myself and GPLama for all Green Screen content we create. Lama uses his way more than me. 🙂 Later it should be 20% cheaper.

Elgato Cam Link 4K: With this small USB accessory I can record / stream cameras, but I also often use it to record Zwift from Apple TV and my laptop. Today you save 10%.

DJI OSMO Pocket – $ 30 discount: I would not recommend this for sports use, but I actually use it a few times at fairs and events. It is an incredibly small stabilized camera.

Thanks again for reading (and using the links above)!

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