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Amazon Prime members can purchase exclusive new products by July 31st

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For years, Black Friday was the Day for business and shopping days and basically served as an unofficial kickoff for the holiday season. Stores are filled with people looking for the best deals on things like kitchen appliances, TVs, and clothing. And although Cyber ​​Monday is a way to avoid the madness of Black Friday, summer has been a deal-dead zone in the past.

That changed in 201

5 with the first Amazon Prime Day. It originally started celebrating the company's 20th anniversary with a big sales day. These sales served as exclusivity for prime members and as a means to bring more prime signups. But what started as a one-day celebration of the sale has become an annual tradition serving as Black Friday of the summer.

The 36 Hours of Prime Day Sales for 2018 also saw a new addition to the big day, Prime Day Launches. This served as a way for new and established brands to release new and special edition products exclusively for Prime Day. The Prime members have early access to the articles before they are available for the larger market. These include products ranging from home appliances to children's toys. And the good news, dear readers, is that you can still buy the Prime Day launches by the end of the month.

We've made a deep leap through the Prime Day Launches lineup – here are some of the best products that are still available the program until July 31st.

For those who need a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, this is for you. The OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is a grinder designed to simplify the coffee making process. Simply set the grinder to one of 15 settings, from fine to coarse, depending on how you like your coffee. Then set the timer for up to 30 seconds and let the mill work. And if you're someone who can not seriously work without a morning cup of java, do not fret. The machine can grind enough coffee beans for 12 cups, so you can continue working during these long working days.

Just because you do not have time in the morning does not mean that you can not have a fresh cup of coffee. This is where the Coffee Boy All-in-One comes into play. The Coffee Boy all-in-one coffee maker features an integrated coffee grinder that prepares a batch of coffee beans the way you want, whether coarse or fine. Make sure there is hot water in the cup and the coffee boy can make a fresh cup of coffee.

Nemesis Prime is the evil clone of Autobot leader Optimus Prime and is the perfect complement to your Decepticons collection. Like the rest of the Transformers, Nemesis Prime can turn into a semi-trailer and a semi-trailer, showing why Transformers' toys have always been appealing. For the price of a figure you get basically several toys in one.

At the other end of the toy spectrum are the WowWee fingerlings. As the name implies, the toy is a small figure hugging your finger. This particular also includes a small "BFF" that hugs the main character's tail. The finger cots respond to a variety of actions, such. For example, blowing back kisses when you blow one of them or rock it to sleep.

The Coleman RoadTrip Portable Grill is a great summer companion. This grill is small enough to fit on most tabletops, be it at home or outdoors for a day in the park. Just make sure you have your propane tank ready and you can grill wherever you want.

If you like the table grill, but you find it a bit clunky to travel or not to leave On a table Coleman has yet another option thanks to Prime Day Launch. The Coleman Road Trip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill is the portable grill that can deliver for either. The RoadTrip 285 is almost identical to the RoadTrip 225 and powered by a propane tank with a grill head slightly larger than the 225. The big difference is how portable the 285 is. While the RoadTrip 225 needs to be transported separately, the RoadTrip 285 has foldable legs with wheels that make transport much easier.

It can be hard to find the right crib, especially if you're new to the whole baby thing. Most cribs will only be good while your child is in the toddler phase before you need to look for a real bed. But thanks to the Prime Day Launch, you can get both in one. The DaVinci Liam 4-in-1 Convertible Crib features a streamlined cot that can grow with your toddler in the early years. The crib can be converted from a normal, four-sided crib to a cot, day bed and a large bed as they grow. As your child grows, you do not have to worry about replacing the crib or bed for a while.

If you need to reset the WFi over and over again, or if your home connection is not correct, you're probably in the market for a mesh WiFi setup. The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus 2-Pack is just right for you. The primary device works in place of the wireless router, and the second device expands the coverage to pay for any signal fading where you want the coverage. It also means that more devices can be connected because two devices handle the connected devices, not just one. And with a reach of 4500 square feet you should not have to worry about possible signal drops.

These are just a few of the items you can find in Prime Day Launches. You can find more, such as new watches, hard drives, and even new sinks under the new banner, available only to Prime members until July 31st. So if you want to take advantage and are not yet a Prime Member, sign up for Prime and go shopping to your heart's content.

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