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Amazon revokes its decision to block international websites in Australia

Amazon no longer prevents users in Australia from accessing Amazon.com or other international versions of the site. In July, Amazon redirected Australian users to Amazon.com.au and stopped shipping to Australian addresses after new GST laws (GSTs) requiring retailers to impose 10 percent tax on imports.

"Customer feedback will allow Amazon customers to ship eligible articles from amazon.com to Australian shipping addresses starting on November 22," an Amazon spokesman told The New York Times , The company says it is "building the complex infrastructure needed to enable low-value exports to Australia and to comply with GST laws."

Legislation should help smaller Australian companies compete with larger online retailers outside of the country, but Amazon's withdrawal has been criticized by consumers and politicians alike. "You do not get a special offer because you're a big company or a multinational," said the then Treasurer and now Prime Minister Scott Morrison. "I think it's disappointing that Amazon took that out among consumers in Australia ̵

1; but that's their commercial position." Meanwhile, customers criticized the smaller selection of products available on the Australian Amazon site.

The way back is on time for Black Friday, which offers Australian users a good opportunity to see if using the international website after Amazon's tax compliance is still worthwhile. There's a possible catch: The Times reports that third-party vendors will not be able to ship items to Australia.

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