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Amazon stops Echo Wall Clock revenue due to connection issues

Amazon has stopped selling its Echo Wall Clock due to customer reports about connectivity issues.

The Echo Wall Clock, which was synced to your Alexa voice-controlled devices to give you visual feedback on your timers and reminders, has only been sold in the US for a month and is still available in other countries become.

A spokesman for Amazon said in a statement, "We know that a small number of customers have had connectivity issues, and we're working hard to resolve this issue, and we plan to make the Echo Wall Clock available again the coming weeks. "

The clock is ticking

The Echo Wall Clock looks just like a standard watch at only 29.99 euros (about 26 euros), but has an LED array that displays the minutes and seconds Connect the watch to your Echo devices via Bluetooth These LEDs light up to indicate how long a timer is still running or until a reminder has expired.

It was launched in September 201

8 alongside the Amazon Basics Alexa Microwave. Demonstrate how easy voice assistants like Alexa can now be integrated into everyday devices – if you have a smart speaker that can be used to control them.

Currently, it's not clear when the echo Wall Clock is offered for sale again in the US or whether these connection problems hinder the release of the device in other countries like the UK and Australia. Unfortunately, you only have to use your normal wall clock to count down the hours until the sale.

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