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Amber Rudd's resignation letter and Theresa May's response

  Amber Rudd leaves Downing Street 10

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Amber Rudd resigned as Home Secretary after a period of political pressure due to her handling of the Windrush scandal. Here's the letter of resignation she sent Prime Minister Theresa May. Mrs. May's answer is also fully published below.

Dear Prime Minister,

With great regret I resign as Minister of the Interior. I think it is necessary to do so because I mistakenly misled the Home Affairs Select Committee about targets for the removal of illegal immigrants during their questions on Windrush.

Since I appeared before the selected committee, I have read the advice to issue and take note of information that is provided to my office and mentions goals. I should have known, and I take full responsibility for not being.

The Windrush scandal has rightly highlighted an important topic for our country. As so often, the instincts of the British people are right. They want people who have the right to live here to be treated fairly and humane, which sometimes was not the case. But they also want the government to remove those who do not have the right to be here. I had hoped to develop policies in the coming months that would enable the government to achieve these two important goals ̵

1; including urgent laws to ensure that the rights of the Windrush generation are protected. The working group is working well, the residence cards are well displayed within the promised two weeks and the compensation scheme is making good progress.

The Ministry of the Interior is one of the big offices of the state and its job is to keep people safe. It has a responsibility to fight terrorism, to support and challenge the police, to protect people from abuse and to manage migration.

It was a great privilege to serve as Minister of the Interior. I have seen first-hand the unparalleled commitment and courage of our police, fire and intelligence agencies, they are truly the best in the world, and we should rightfully be very proud of them.

I was particularly pleased to see that we were able to build the first global Internet forum on counterterrorism, with the encouragement of websites paving the way for social media to speed up the removal of radicalization and terrorist material that plays such a dangerous role in the spread of extremism

It was particularly important to me to draft new laws to combat the scourge of knife crime and acid attacks and our own To free young people from a life of crime and violence by providing them with credible alternatives.

I am particularly impressed by the opportunities to work on such problems as protect the vulnerable, to win women and to shape people's lives in a sustainable way. New strategies to tackle domestic violence and abuse against women are the subject of consultation and will lead the country to a new approach. Helping thousands of refugees, including refugee children from Calais and the Middle East, and meeting with some of the families who have fled the terrible situation in Syria and are now being given the opportunity to reassure and rebuild their lives here in the UK is something that we can be proud of.

It has been an honor to work on a new security agreement with the EU as part of our new partnership and to participate in your Brexit Subcommittee to ensure the best EU deal for our economy, businesses, jobs and people across Great Britain

The new Economic Crime Center, which I launched with the first use of unexplained wealth orders, will be important to the confidence of London's financial center.

I will continue to support the Ministry of Interior ministry team on all these important issues when it is possible to support the government from the backbenches and continue to be tough on my citizens of Hastings and Rye

Kind regards,

Amber Rudd

Here is the Prime Minister's answer:

Dear Bernstein,

Many thanks for your farewell letter home secretary held this evening. I am very sorry that I have received it, but understand your reasons for it.

Speaking about illegal immigration in the House of Commons and the Internal Affairs Committee last week, you answered the questions you were asked. People who have entered or survived illegally in the UK should expect to experience the full force of the law and know that they will be removed if they do not leave voluntarily. Equally important, people who have come here legally and have enriched life in our country should not expect the state to unduly challenge their presence here; Rather, it should help them to prove their right to continue to live here and to contribute to the life of our nation.

During your term of office, the Home Office has been working to implement a strong but fair immigration policy. We are removing illegal migrants while ensuring that we continue to recognize the great contribution of all persons who have come legally to the UK and are open to the wisest and best around the world.

When you spoke in the House of Commons, you said that you did not agree on specific moving targets, but that the Home Office's "Immigration Enforcement" command used local internal performance management goals. You also said that you are unaware that these operational objectives have been set.

I understand that having taken the opportunity to review the advice you have received on this subject, you have taken responsibility for the decision taken by you to inadvertently mislead the Home Affairs Select Committee

I am very sorry that you have left the Home Office, but you should be very proud of what you have achieved there – Collaboration with Internet Service Providers Internet counter-terrorism forum and offline content publishing extremists and terrorists; Combating cyber threats to British families and businesses; promote the victims of crime, abuse and domestic violence; To offer shelter to refugees from Syria and elsewhere; and the promotion of equal rights as Minister for Women and Equality.

This adds to the considerable contribution you've made to the government since 2012 – first as a whip, then as a minister and then Secretary of State in the Department of Energy and Climate Change – and the devotional service you give your constituents in Hastings and Rye have always existed and continue to give.

As a former Minister of the Interior, I appreciate the special requirements of this big state office. You should be very proud of how you have led the Home Office and its dedicated officials through a series of serious challenges, including five terrorist incidents and other complex national events. They have done so with great integrity, compassion and selflessness, regardless of the personal and political challenges you have faced during that time.

I know that you are still making a great contribution to national life and are looking forward to seeing you do that.



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