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"American Idol" Hopeful Wow Katy Perry with the performance of "I Kiss a Girl" – Watch!

Whenever a American Idol candidate decides to sing with one of the jury's hit singles, it's always a risky endeavor. But sometimes it pays off.

When Caitlin Lucia stood on Sunday American Idol ahead of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Perry's 22-year-old aspiring singer said she was one of her greatest musical influences, and that she even played for three years at the Hotel Café Gigs, the same place where the "Swish Swish" singer started.

To show how much she was inspired by Perry, Lucia, decided to play her 2008 track, "I Kiss a Girl." The young Idol hopefully delivered a beautiful, bluesy version of the famous single that really drove the judges away.

"Usually I say to a candidate who sings my song, it's as good as or better [than me]" and I think she would have sung it better, "Perry said, jokingly pretending frustration. "You gave him a truly incredible original twist."

However, Perry and her co-authors said they wanted to see the singer deliver something even bigger.

"I think so "We have a bigger engine than you show us," Perry said.

"We can hear it," Richie added. "I mean, you just go with it, touch the top, and there's more after that, I know it's there."

Lucia will get the chance to show how much more she can give, since all three judges

Another idol impressed the judges with their performance was Gabby Barrett. The singer was accompanied by her father to audition, which she said he has supported her dream of being a musician since she was a little girl.

"My dad sacrificed so much for me and I'll go in there my head is up and they have to get me," said an emotional Barrett in a pre-taped solo interview.

The 1

7-year-old singer had a rough start and sang a cover of Carrie Underwood's "Good Girl" The judges stopped shortly after they started. Bryan and Richie said they wanted to hear Barrett's voice, not just their impression of Carrie Underwood.

All the while, her excited father stood in front of the room and listened in the door to hear the audition.

The young singer then showed her true personality with a beautiful rendition of a hymn that blew up the judges. They gave her a golden ticket to Hollywood.

But before the audition ended, Perry thought it would be hilarious to beat Barrett's dad by telling him that his little girl "did not make it." [196592002] Perry went out to grab his father to break the fake bad news while Barrett was waiting in the room, hiding the golden ticket and pretending to be sad. When Perry pretended that his little girl was heartbroken, his daughter turned around with the ticket and his father burst into tears of joy.

Already in November, ET had caught the judges audition began, and all three agreed that one of their greatest hopes is not to sing the famous songs of the judges.

"Never", the judges agreed enthusiastically.

"Because this is the thing – – We've heard these songs so many times, day after day," Perry admitted. "And God bless … I love my songs, I'm so thankful for them … but I do not have to hear them again."

"Unless you interpret them extremely differently," Perry added, explaining that she would not mind hearing her own tunes, "if you sing her better than us."

Watch the video below to hear more.

American Idol is broadcast on Sundays and Mondays at 8pm ET / PT, 7pm CT on ABC.

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