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American Idol Recap: Top 10 Reveals, Eliminations – Watch Performances

Nobody expected Monday's episode of American Idol – which limited its finalists to ten – would be easy, but I do not think anyone expects it to get so messy.

Ryan Seacrest's uncomfortable walk-and-talk with participants (most of them responded in a desperate attempt to keep going), awesome announcements of individual results (this fake -Outs were … bad), the first official live episode of the season was … a kind of mess. And that does not even include the times when the judges literally discussed how cumbersome the process of eliminating this show is.

Let's start with the artists who have chosen the US in the top 1

0: Madison VanDenburg, Walker Burroughs, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Wade Cota, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy and Alejandro Aranda. These finalists gave the audience some victorious songs, while the less fortunate ones – Evelyn Cormier, Riley Thompson, Alyssa Raghu, Dimitrius Graham, Ashley Hess, Eddie Island and Uche – had to sing for … their lives . (Where is RuPaul, if you need them ?!)

Before we come to the final result, let us collapse every evening's performance:

MADISON VANDENBURG (Lady Gaga, "You and I ") | Even though VanDenburg did not seem ready, Rock & # 39; n & # 39; Rolling out Rock – the first of many uncomfortable moments of today's live show – she pulled it off and gently and dramatically began a dramatic blast. It was a solid start to a tense evening, and I never doubted for a moment that she had a place in the top ten. Class: B

EVELYN CORMIER (Kansas, "Dust in the Wind") | I seem to enjoy Cormier much more than your average idol . It was surprising to learn that America had not chosen her in the top 10. And this folkloric classic was a much better song choice than last night's jam yesterdays Jimmy Eat World, which proved a little too aggressive for Cormier's breezy style. It was a nice performance – despite her understandable nerves, triggered by the admittedly "awkward" elimination process of the show – but it was exactly what we've always gotten from her in the past. It has a great sound but very little range. And at that moment I realized that I could lose her tonight. Grade: B- (Click here to watch!)

WALKER BURROUGHS (Jonas Brothers, "Lovebug") | I started wondering about Burroughs & # 39; site this contest after the Sound of Music curveball, but my doubts faded after seeing his cute performance of this (admittedly already) cute Jonas Jam would have. The energy was there, the vocals were there … but we really need to talk about this wink :

 Walker Burroughs American Idol

How do we feel? I hated it somehow, but I will not deduct any points. Difficulty: B (Click here to watch!)

RILEY THOMPSON (Alan Jackson, "It Must Be Love") | Surrounded by glittering hearts and something just worn Out of Glinda's wardrobe Wicked Thompson looked like a Valentine's Day card in human form. And her performance of this exciting country bop was just as sweet, while remaining vocally solid. Luke Bryan could not believe that America did not vote her, but I could. America is a hater. Grade: A-

JEREMIAH LLOYD HARMON ("Almost Heaven") | When you put him in the top 10, after a very awkward walk-and-talk with Seacrest behind the scenes, Harmon brought America to add the original song he used for his unforgettable casting. From the point of view of exposure, this was a brilliant choice of Harmon. This former church master has managed to turn a song he has written into a catchy tune that he can carry with him long after his time with Idol. However, this time it was just not that impressive (although now a full orchestra has been deposited) and Harmon's vocals were not as strong as I expected. Condition: B

ALYSSA RAGHU (Katy Perry, "The One Who Has Come Away") | America has not chosen Raghu The Top 10, but this sauce cooked tonight and offered a really warm-hearted rendition of this Perry hit. (Honestly, I'm just giving her credit for singing this in the presence of Perry.) As far as I'm concerned, Raghu earned a feat he could save. Grade: A-

WADE COTA (Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Simple Man") | | I was glad to see that America put it through, and I was not at all surprised by the killing service he gave them. It was all the growl and energy we would expect from him at the time. What else is there to say? Grade: A

DIMITRIUS GRAHAM (Billie Eilish, "When the Party is Over") | There is no doubt that Graham put all his heart into this performance. He sang like someone who knew that his days were numbered in the competition. And while I was looking for it all season, there was very little to enjoy here, except for a few outstanding high notes. Grade: B- (Click here to watch!)

LACI KAYE BOOTH (Fleetwood Mac, "As long as you follow") | I've always thought this Booth was one of the coolest contenders of the season, and it proved it tonight with its effortless performance. She has moved on stage as if she has been doing so for decades. She gave us all the sultry emotions and scratchy sounds we long for from this country crooner. Grade: A-

EDDIE ISLAND (Kings of Leon, "Use Someone") | As someone who was really excited about whatever the island has sold us, I am not happy to say that this was certainly the worst performance of the season – and not just the island. Those vocals were all over the damn place, and then they even bothered to show up. Seacrest did his best to make a happy face during the interview after the song, but the chaos of a performance was undeniable. Grade: D (Click here to watch!)

ASHLEY HESS | America was 100 percent wrong because he did not use Hess until the top 10, to which she rocked this Motown classic – while rocking a glittering black pantsuit. A natural performer, whether behind a piano or on her feet, she is just great. Grade: A- (Click here to watch!)

LAINE HARDY (The Gentile Band, "Hurricane") | Last night I said that Hardy was so comfortable on stage, it almost looked like he was bored. Well, tonight my turn was boring, as I could barely stay awake by Hardy's same old fate. Did he sing it well? For sure. But we deserve better. (And I could make about 50 percent less of it, as Perry chatted about "smoking hot" Hardy.) Difficulty: B (Click here to watch!)

ALEJANDRO ARANDA (" Cholo Love ") | Every time the word" dishwasher "flashes on my screen under Aranda's name, it's bubbling through my head. Sure, it should say" multi-platinum recording artist, "no "Any original title we've heard from him sounds ready to go, and this is no exception, I'm glad America chose him in the top 10, but I'm curious how far he can make it to the competition. he will be a star. Grade: A- (Click here to watch!)

UCHE (Rihanna, "Diamonds") | The Spirit of La & # 39; Porsha Renae was with Uche as tonight He delivered one of the most dramatic versions of this song I've ever heard Not perfect, but it was powerful, especially because you could feel Uche's pain – even before he got two hugs from Seacrest and Lionel Richie (the latter might just have been trying to steal Uche's essence), I did not take a good look at it throw). Note: B +

But Heartache quickly paved the way to victory when Richie picked Uche in the top 10 and two points left What's new? Bryan, who changed his mind three times today, decides to save Graham while Perry Raghu wants to keep. Shocker.

Dear Sir or Madam, Your official Top 10: Madison VanDenburg, Walker Burroughs, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Wade Cota, Laci Kaye Booth, Laine Hardy, Alejandro Aranda, Uche, Dimitrius Graham and Alyssa Raghu

Do you think that tonight the right four participants were fired from the competition? Vote for your favorite performances in our poll below, then write a comment with more of your thoughts.

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