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An agent representing a Lakers player claims that things are "not the same, according to the Anthony Davis rumors."

The Los Angeles Lakers are only hours away from returning to the court to begin their 25-year bid to bridge the gap between the three games and the Western Conference's eighth-place slot in the playoffs. They will not only be in last place against other NBA teams or the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers, but also against the evil backlog left until this year's close.

Be professional, "you say (or Magic Johnson), but it's not that easy. These people are still human and it will be some time before they are removed from the center of the deadline's most pervasive history. Some may even consider it impossible to move on.

Look again at this nugget Sam Amick of The Athletics, who to some extent disagrees with Magic's claim that the Lakers are currently "in a good place":

But are they really? This is not the case if you talk to sources near several important players.

"Guys will be professional, but it will never be the same," said an agent representing a Lakers player.

Remember, it was not & # 39; The New Orleans pelicans asked for too many players to force Magic to move away from the negotiating table. No, Johnson thought that then CEO Dell Demps demanded too many picks. So it's not like Magic talked to the players, that he could face them and say that one of them was too valuable to trade.

Perhaps that's why, in less than 24 hours, we've seen such a dramatic shift when Magic cursed the media for "babying" by promising to embrace all remaining Lakers. It would make sense that he was annoyed if the boys apologized for the way things turned out, if so. Pretty rich stuff from a man never involved in trade talks during his own career.

It is fascinating that this information comes from an agent of a current Laker. This type of report will only be displayed if a player so wishes. Since we are so close to the playoff race and this report comes out, it really seems to show how far the Lakers are from being okay.

Making the playoffs in the Western Conference, if they are tough enough in the face of competition. Obtaining such a command with any kind of quarrels is almost impossible. The Lakers have their work ahead of them. We'll take a good look soon, if it works.

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