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An armed man slaughtered eleven Jewish worshipers. Then hate was searched online

In the hours and days after eleven people were slaughtered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh last October, so many people typed a hideous language into Google that they produced the most anti-Semitic searches in the last twelve months.

Our analysis did not include innocent research into information about the news, but users seeking material for "Jews must die," "kill Jews" and "I hate Jews" were searched at alarmingly higher rates than normal.

An increase in anti-Semitic Google searches was also noted after the Passover shootings in Poway, California, in April.

And, as was to be expected, there were also numerous discussions about the attacks on websites such as 4chan and 8chan, which were largely co-opted by far-right users, though the content was both more surprising and disturbing.

CNN gave the analysis to the Representing the interests of HOPE Not Hate. They studied a sample of mainstream and marginal responses online for a year from May 201
8 to last week to better understand how antisemitic views are shared and disseminated online, especially after the two synagogue attacks that plagued the hearts of Americans in fear. The results come days after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said America's anti-Semitic incidents have risen for the third year in a row, reaching near historic highs. In 2018, there were 1,879 documented attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions nationwide.
  Eleven people were shot down in Pittsburgh's Synagogue

The search for "killing Jews" on Google provides stories about the Holocaust, but also details of how the Nazis killed the Jews and a wealth of stories about people who threatened Jews.

A search for the term "Jews must die" brings stories about the Pittsburgh gunman who allegedly shouted before the shootout. But Googling "I hate Jews" leads you to a multitude of pages ranging from a Wikipedia entry about self-hating Jews to an article about a vice co-founder who left the company more than a decade ago and made fun of Jews has in a post titled "10 Things I Hate About Jews." The articles also include comments by President Donald Trump, in which he tells Republican donors that Democrats "hate the Jewish people."

The deeper you go into Google's search results, the less mainstream and offensive the articles become. Other chimpanzees and antisemitic vitrioles from white supremacist sites emerge.

Google searches for "killing Jews" were also atypically high, reaching levels not seen since the aftermath of Pittsburgh after the Passover shootings that killed one woman and injured the rabbi and others.

For Carly Pildis, the murder of fellow Jews felt like a death in their own family. "src-mini =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313-carly-pildis-small-169.jpg "src-xsmall =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets /190515123313-carly-pildis-medium-plus-169.jpg "src-small =" http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313-carly-pildis-large-169.jpg "src medium = "// cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313-carly-pildis-exlarge-169.jpg" src-large = "// cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313- carly-pildis-super-169.jpg "src-full16x9 =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313-carly-pildis-full-169.jpg "src-mini1x1 =" // cdn. cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/190515123313-carly-pildis-small-11.jpg "data-demand-load =" not-loaded "data-eq-pts =" mini: 0, xsmall: 221, small: 308, medium: 461, large: 781 "/>

The massive interest in anti-Semitism after so many Jews were killed in cold blood is terrified Carly Pildis in every fiber of her being.

As in W Ashington, DC, a living Jewish woman who brings her two-year-old daughter to the synagogue and writes for the Jewish News and Culture Tray Magazine, is increasingly alarmed by the increasing violence and has an impact on real life.

"It is a serious danger to life or death for American Jews," says Pildis. "I feel a sense of loss, as it used to be for Jews here."

The loss turns into rage as she learns more about the search for the twin attacks on her community.

"It makes my blood go cold," she says. "It literally cools me to the core."

These searches also feel like attacks. That people are openly online looking for ways to hurt the Jewish community after they have suffered devastating losses.

It is personal to her and other Jews who feel threatened. She says that any attack on a Jew or vandalism with a swastika hits her. And the massacres feel like a death in the family.

  The victims of the synagogue in Pittsburgh include a pair of brothers, a married couple married in the synagogue, and a sprightly nonagenarian a spry nonagenarian.

On the day of the attack on the synagogue in Pittsburgh, she lay sick in bed. Then she got a call from a friend who apologized profusely. She did not know what they were apologizing for. Turn on the TV now, she was told. As she did so, she saw the deadliest assault on American Jews. It was the moment she had most feared since she saw neo-Nazis marching on the streets of Charlottesville in 2017 and "Jews will not replace us!"

Someone in a synagogue trying to see Jews wiped out has exterminated them.

Pildis was sitting on the bathroom floor, writing opinion articles about what it all meant, and trying to deal with them.

"I do not think I slept for days, it was heartbreaking, it was scary, it crushed the soul," she explains.

While Pildis mourned the loss of Jewish life in her home, people celebrated in the darker, though freely accessible, corners of the Internet.

Websites such as 4chan and 8chan often find extreme levels of violent anti-Semitism on a daily basis. But this amount of hatred increased even further, and our research showed that the number of anti-Jewish posts on 8chans / pol / board that had risen immediately after the Tree of Life attack had increased.

  Lori Kaye was killed on the last day of the Passover during a shootout in the Chabad Congregation.

Many guards complained "how few" Both Pittsburgh and Poway killed Jews, reducing people's lives to "scores." The worshiper Lori Kaye was killed in the Poway attack. She was in the temple to pray for her recently deceased mother.

However, a commentator from 8chan called the Poway shooter a "damn underachiever".

"Can you imagine that your son throws away his entire life for a high score of 1. It's just embarrassing," it says in a post.

ADL CEO: Put hate back in the sewer where it belongs.

There were also a large number of generic white supremacist posts, such as "KILL THEM ALL".

Most commonly, however, many posters stated that it was indeed Jewish people who were attacking other Jews to gain support in society and provide cover for other supposedly shameful activities. It mimics a long, false, conspiratorial theory that has been repeated among anti-Semites, including those who falsely claim that the Holocaust was specifically forged.

The & # 39; lion's den of hatred & # 39;

Radicalization experts are concerned with how many people can start looking for anti-Semitic phrases on a mainstream site like Google, but in the end are lured to places like 4chan and 8chan and other forums where white supremacists lurk and hate hate.

And as soon as you get involved, hatred seems to grow. John Earnest, the alleged Poway gunman, allegedly posted a link to a hate speech manifesto prior to the attack on 8chan. 8chan quickly defended himself after the attack and tweeted, "The Powchan shooter post on 8chan was removed nine minutes after it was created, only screencaps are available and there are no archives because the post was deleted so quickly."

But the effects of the forums and hate sites remain clear. At 8chan, a poster that is believed to be Earnest was a direct inspiration to the alleged Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers. It is believed that Bowers has made anti-Semitic remarks to Gab in addition to xenophobic utterances, another home of right-wing extremists.

Joanna Mendelson, a senior researcher at the ADL Center for Extremism, calls 4chan and 8chan the "Cave of the Lion's Hatred." "White supremacists arm hatred," says Mendelson. "They use the Internet to send their message to a global audience, equipping legions of trolls to spread their message across the Internet, to the darkest corners and even on mainstream platforms," ​​she says.

  Combating white supremacy as terrorism, experts say

These "laboratories of hatred" nourish vulnerable people People and indoctrinating young white men, she says.

CNN spoke to a teenager who said he was attracted to hate online. He only told him about a month to turn away from his old self. To reject the long-held belief and to accept even views against his own religion. He asked not to be identified because he says he has now been threatened.

  Hate groups recruiting our young people into a toxic belief system

Others that have been radicalized online have them found that their views changed completely within one to three months and they were brainwashed. They simply do not believe that they were exploited at the time. That the repeated use of memes, which are intended as jokes but sow seeds of hatred, works, say those who have escaped the cycle of hatred, CNN.

And the fear is that if more people are consumed by hatred on 4-channel or 8-channel channels, some could take their hate from the forums to the street.

  Mourners leave notes and flowers opposite the Chabad of Poway.

Even The experienced hate speech researchers commissioned by CNN were shocked by the depravity they found after the attacks on the two synagogues.

"I say we go all in and start the war, I'm ready," writes a poster.

"Hitler did not do anything wrong, and soon the whole world will hate the Jews," writes another.

Posts often list the names of killers who say, "Give him a medal," or call their attacks "epic."

"Hail to John Earnest and his best manifesto of all time," wrote a poster.

In another post, the names of the killers are listed in a numbered list of ellipsis to indicate the desire for more.

He or she suggests further attacks until the everyday Americans "accept the killing of mosques and synagogues as normal."

Experts like Mendelson are also concerned about the effects of hero worship that takes place online.

"What we have now are attacks that are not just meant to kill, but … to spread like wildfire, to spread their poison on the Internet, and to inspire others," she says.

Danger and Defiance

Social media giants such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are forced to reckon with the strength of their platforms in terms of size and reinforcement of hate speech while on the Balance work freely speaking.

But more peripheral areas where little or no moderation occurs seem to pose even greater danger.

  Facebook, Google and Twitter commit to fighting online extremism after gunfire in New Zealand

] And even more disturbing perhaps is the lack of proposals from the intelligence services and law enforcement agencies, which is against doing so.

Speaking at Parliament's hearing on domestic terrorism last week, high-ranking law enforcement officials were unable to provide an answer on how to handle websites like 8chan and what legal provisions could do it.

CNN has been looking for comments in the past, but its largely unmoderated and unmanaged platforms make it difficult.

That hate spreads online, CNN notes, is unfathomable to Jews like Pildis. She fears that the attacks will start and more will come.

"It makes me unbearably sad, so sad that I can barely breathe to see that surge of hatred, extremism and violence," she says. "But they will never give up my hope and pride in being a Jew and an American."

Pildis wants those who spread hatred to know that there is a way out. However, if they choose to continue spitting or attacking hatred of Jews, the community will never crouch.

"Whatever you hope for a gap is not filled with the barrel of a weapon," says Pildis. "The Jewish people have survived over 5,000 years of oppression and violence, our existence is an act of resistance, we are not going anywhere."

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