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An expensive Fallout 76 jacket has become an easy target on social media

If you work for Bethesda Softworks and you know that the Fallout union is mad at you because you've done everything about Fallout 76 the best time to date Show off your latest, high-priced article? This is the funny question that the company's marketing team should probably face in the morning, as a new jacket has passed by the fans like a fart in the bunker. After the fan had already ridiculed the game's functionality, price, special editions, tote bags, alcoholic bottles, etc., he thought it would be a good time to showcase this new premium leather jacket that is currently on To have $ 276 is!

To say that the church was not abused is an understatement, since they went to town making fun of this thing, which was worth it. We have a few examples of Twitter below, but after the community has failed to impress the community a few times, it may not be the best time to release an expensive jacket. Or hey, maybe there are still some Fallout 76 fans who have not a single complaint about the game and love it for all that it is. Maybe it's not a bad idea to get these people to throw nearly $ 300 on a leather jacket.

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