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An igloo hotel in Davos: Stay before it melts

(CNN) – There is a hotel that offers participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a different view on "warm and comfortable".

The Davos Igloo Village hotel offers 15 rooms or igloos through a series of interconnected snow-covered tunnels for those who want to cope with cold indoor temperatures.

Even the walls and floors of the bathroom are made entirely of snow.

Every year, Igloo Villages builds seven of these snowy temporary hotels in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. They open around Christmas and close before everything starts to melt in April.

Each room is styled after places like Japan and Hawaii, and the walls are decorated with snow art by international artists.

The beds are made up of mattresses, sleeping bags and lambskins. The beds are initially frighteningly warm and comfortable.

  While the cheese can be warm and bubbly, guests still have to pool to enjoy it.

While the cheese is warm and bubbly, guests will still be able to stay together and enjoy themselves.


Typical of Swiss hospitality, there is also a sauna, a kota (warm room) and a hot tub on the property.

And a bar and a restaurant serve mulled wine and fondue – a warm end to a chilly day right outside the front door.

Double-occupancy igloos start at around $ 214 per person.

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