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An immaculate set of Pokémon cards costs $ 107,010

A complete set of Pokémon Initial Issue Cards has just been sold for $ 107,010 from Goldin Auctions. But do not worry – it's highly unlikely that the card folder your mother dumped was sold for anything near it.

As TMZ first reported, the 1999 set, which was sold last Saturday, contains 103 cards, one of which is a holographic charizard. Twelve bidders raised the price to over $ 100,000, with a minimum bid of $ 25,000 for the new cards. Over the phone, Dave Amerman, the consignment chief of Goldin Auctions, Kotaku said that not every complete first-edition set could be sold for the price of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

"These maps have a common misconception," he explained. "The key to selling here is not so much the fact that the entire set is put together, you can put together a complete set for maybe $ 1


The missing link is a so-called "GEM Mint Condition Grading." "A metric that assesses the corners, color consistency, and gloss of the cards." To the set of $ 107,010 Pokémon Amerman said, "On the back they have the dark color, the blue pokemon Boundary .You can not tell if you are not looking closely, but there is sometimes a white chipping on the back.To get the perfect touch, front and back must be solid. "

Amerman said, Millennials' fathers sometimes call him to rate their 50-year-old baseball card sets, and even at a value of $ 15,000, he said, "You'll ask, what about these?" Their children's Pokémon cards [1Sometimesheanswers:"Thesecardsareworthtwiceasmuchasyourcards!"

Since 2016, Pokémon card sets similar to this are nearly ten times higher than value, Amerman said. He added a completely incoherent anecdote: "You get those millennials who are broke, maybe finish college and have six figures in their closet."

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