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An Ultimate Guide to the Latest Gadgets This 2020


Every year there are a bunch of new gadgets released in the market and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. These devices range from advanced product concepts, gaming essentials, to your everyday accessories. These new innovations don’t only excite ordinary consumers, but they also make their developers, engineers, and directors eager to see how well their product will fare in the ultra-competitive market of tech. If you are looking for some of the new gadgets for 2020 make sure to keep an eye for some of the coolest products that are about to hit the market.



Here are some of the products that have potential this 2020

  1. Virtual Reality Headsets

One of the coolest products to look out for this year is virtual reality (VR) headsets. I know that there are already virtual reality products out there on the market, but this is one area of tech that is going to see some huge improvements in the coming years. Currently, the consensus on virtual reality products is that they are interesting, but they lack some key features that many gamers are waiting for. The current products on the market tend to have poor graphics and some users do not feel like they are fully immersed in a virtual world. Many companies are currently working hard to improve the graphics in virtual reality games and you should make sure to watch out for some of the new headsets that are planned to be released in 2020.

  1. Robotic Products

There are already numerous robotic products currently on the market, but manufacturers continue to make major improvements. Some of the most exciting robotic products to keep your eyes on this year are robotic vacuums and lawnmowers. The great thing about these machines is that they allow you to have them do mundane tasks that you just don’t have time for. They give you the chance to do the stuff that you value more with your time

  1. Field Monitors

These video monitors are portable and allow you to take them with you everywhere you go. A field monitor is essential if you are filming a video on a camera that has a smaller display screen. The monitor allows you to view your videos on a larger screen so that you’ll have an approximation of how it’ll look on a regular-sized display. According to https://www.looxcie.com/, one of the best new field monitors to look out for is the Neewer F100 because it has a 4k resolution and is compatible with drones. They are an essential tool especially if you’re into sharing videos on different social media platforms or freelance work.

  1. AirPods and Wireless Headphones

This gadget is one of the best if you spend a lot of time listening to music while on the go. Now that it is 2020, headphones with cords are outdated and a thing of the past. If you do not have wireless headphones yet, you should consider upgrading to a wireless version because they are much easier to deal with and do not get tangled. The great thing about wireless headphones like AirPods is that they tend to last longer because they do not have a cord that often gets damaged when it gets tangled in your bag or pocket. Wireless headphones are also great if you like to work out because you will not have to worry about the cords getting in the way of your exercise.

  1. Drones

Another gadget that you should consider purchasing is a new drone. Some of the new drones, like the Mavic 2, offer 4k resolution and long battery life making it perfect for taking high definition aerial videos. Drones also make great gifts, so if you know someone that likes to share videos, you should think about gifting them one. It is also important to consider your level of mastery in operating the drones if you’re planning to buy one. Parrot Bebop is a popular beginner’s starting kit because of its user-friendly controls and durability.


2019 has been a great year for tech enthusiasts with the introduction of new and innovative products. It’ll be exciting to see what new innovations and trends that will come up this 2020. The technology market can be tricky to predict so we can’t really say which of the new products are going to make it big this year, and which ones will bow out from the stores. But it is worth noting the potential of the products mentioned above.