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An unusually large asteroid will soon get closer to Earth than the Moon


A large asteroid goes through this month.

Theodore R. Kareta

An asteroid twice the size of the 19459014 racing car that exploded over Russia in 2013 will be harvested next week at a distance from Earth closer to Earth than the Moon.

Regardless of the headlines of the tabloid, one might believe that fairly regular small asteroids are being pulled through the earth . Most of these space rocks are so little that they would burn even if they collided with our atmosphere, and astronomers discover many of them when the Earth is already in their rearview mirrors.

Asteroid 2019 EA2 could be up to 39 feet wide. It is the rare rock that makes a close flyby that is so great that astronomers have recognized it early. The asteroid, discovered earlier this month, moves unusually slowly at a speed of 5 kilometers per second, making it easier to see.

On March 22, the 2019 EA2 Asteroid will pass us at a safe distance of 303,733 kilometers (303,733 kilometers), or about eight-tenths of the distance between here and the moon, according to NASA.

If you have a sufficiently strong telescope (or perhaps with some help from a project such as the Virtual Telescope Project), the detection of this asteroid could be an interesting continuation of the last supermond of the year just a few nights before.

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