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Analyzing The Host Candidates • D1 Baseball


Oh, what a glorious time for the college baseball junkie. Conference tournaments mean people wake up and watch the morning games with their coffee, sit through the sun-baked afternoon sessions and then stay up for hours.

There's so much action, it can be hard to keep up, especially with the results affect the Sunday evenings host announcements and Monday's unveiling of the NCAA field. Relax a bit, D1baseball.com is here for you. Below, we lay out some of the most interesting cases the committee will decide on.

The Hosting Picture

Entering the week, there were 1

2 teams that agreed to go to host. The only question is they would be slotted. There is an opportunity to be a top eight national seed because as long as you win, you choose where the games are played. UCLA, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Georgia, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, East Carolina, Stanford and Oregon State are that dandy dozen. However, the Beavers slipped out of that solid hosting group after dropping two of three to 25-29-1 Southern California over the weekend, their RPI ranked to fall to # 20.

However, Oregon State is still valued and West Coast programs historically get much more RPI leeway than do their counterparts elsewhere. We think Oregon State wants to be quiet host.

Entering the week, there were a couple of aspirations looking to boost their case. Here are those teams:

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