It's just that every now and then we all tend to lose a charger, either because of a power outage or because we're in a hurry to leave the hotel before checking out. Fortunately, Anker often sells its chargers to Amazon, and we believe that the 60W PowerPort Atom III block is a $ 11 bargain, but you must get it before midnight PDT.

Gallium nitride can be used for a charger. You can see that it has a power of 60 watts and a size savings. Anchor says it's 1

5% smaller than a comparable Apple MacBook Pro charger. This particular device has a USB-C port that allows your laptop to operate at 45W and a USB-A at 15W for your phone.

The PowerPort Atom III has been sold to Amazon for $ 43 since its debut a few months ago. We're on our first deal now, and for $ 11, do not be shabby at $ 32. It comes with an 18-month warranty Equipped with anchors and free returns from Amazon.

The offer – and other offers from Anker, which you will find here – applies until midnight PDT]
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