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Andre Iguodala's hands are still crazy

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I'm not saying that it's good that one of the five best basketball players in the world is It's not healthy enough To play in the Western Conference final, but without Kevin Durant (or, to a lesser extent, DeMarcus's cousins), the Golden State Warriors lose much of the baggage they've taken as the NBA's evil juggernaut. Instead, as they set up a lineup against the Blazers, which they could literally have lost thanks to the chance return of Andrew Bogut in 2015, it is almost nostalgic for them to watch this team and put the Warriors back in time as they look beautiful instead newcomers were built Steph Curry was just the youngest superteam to win the final.

Steph Curry topped all scorers with 37 points in his 114-11 win over the Trail Blazers on Thursday, although he was shaky of three, and Klay Thompson helped out with 24. But the biggest old-school Warriors The moment came to a close when 35-year-old Andre Iguodala rejoined his outstanding shutdown defender, saving the games by including superstars. [19659004] Iguodala played just minutes this season and scored the least points per game. But in the play-offs he had to do more, and although he scored in most games of Game 2 no hit (four points in six shots in 30 minutes), the last possession was only Iggy.

Blazers Damian Lillard were three points behind in the last game, looking for a place to win a three against Iguodala. Instead, the ex-final MVP got a hand on Lillard's first move, and as the Blazer guard recovered to a desperate shot, Iguodala hit the ball straight down to steal and win. It was reminiscent of his defensive exploits in Game 3 of the 2017 final, only Lillard exchanged for LeBron James.

Lillard, perhaps more used to people like Paul George, who let him do what he wanted in the last few seconds, ended up at least a bit Salty on the Contact of Iguodala:

"We knew we would go for the three, so it was me. I'm just trying to make room to get a three. I know that it is a difficult position for the referees to make a call at this time. I tried for the first time to get some space and he grabbed my arm and I lost the ball a bit. I regained it and wanted to shoot it again.

"But he put his hand on the ball. For me as an offensive player, I felt like a contact. There was a lot of contact. But obviously the referee will not decide on the game at this point in time. You know, so she – good defense game. "

But Iggy then was pure joy, ran immediately with outstretched hands to the dressing room and preached about their powers.

The warriors are … kind of sympathetic again?

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