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Andrew Alexander on his former relationship with Kate Middleton

Recent evidence suggests that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton always had a penchant for refined men. According to Marie Claire, Kate Middleton was in love with Andrew de Perlaky when she was a young girl.

Andrew de Perlaky is now called Alexander Alexander. If this name sounds familiar, this is because Alexander is now a well-known television, stage and film actor well known as Sir John Bullock in Downton Abbey. Kate Middleton ” class=”wp-image-1072050″/>

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Several years ago, Kate Middleton and Andrew Alexander played together in a production of My Fair Lady. Although the future actor and Duchess were only in fourth grade, Katie Nicholl said that Kate Middleton had "quietly" fallen into her novel. Kate: The Future Queen.

The fourth graders crossed by the stars were simply not meant

In their novel, Nicholl says:

"Andrew played the role of Freddie, who falls in love with Eliza, but she rejects him. There was an ironic twist in the story, for in real life Kate had quietly fallen in love with Andrew, the blond, blue-eyed chorister in the voice of an angel. He was the best-looking boy in their year, and Kate had got to know him well when they were both in the school choir, but Andrew was already sad for her with her friend Fiona Beacroft.

Marie Claire

Despite Kate Middleton's predilection for the aspiring performer, the man was already in love with Kate's boyfriend. And Kate, the mature and sophisticated lady we know, has allowed love birds to live a happy life (no matter how long she is at the age of eleven).

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Andrew Alexander knew Kate had liked him even then when [19659008AndrewAlexanderashesawhimselfyearslateronKate'scrushherevealedthathewasawareoftheirfeelings;HowevershesaidthatshewastooshytostepforwardatallHestated:

"It was funny because it was passed on to me, as in school, that Catherine liked me. She never told me that she did not have the confidence. One of her friends, Fiona Beacroft, was my friend back then. She was rather a talker and a bubble character, but these were very innocent relationships and very volatile ones – sometimes they only took a matter of days. "

Marie Claire

Probably only had a question from Mrs. Beacroft's days, Andrew Alexander and Kate Middleton never found a way to each other. Kate clearly followed the girl code even then.

According to Alexander, Kate – a shy and reserved girl – never went with the other kids when they played Spin the Bottle in the woods. Alexander said to Marie Claire, "Cate was never part of it."

Kate Middleton and Andrew Alexander: An Innocent Childhood Destruction

They have hoped for a luscious story and a love affair between Alexander and Alexander Middleton, it seems, never had a chance to test the water.

The fourth-grade love scene was just too chaotic for Kate Middleton. And who can blame them, from turning the bottle over the feigned marriage to theatrical performances that completely focus on the arts – these two were never meant for a common future.

Andrew Alexander is now married to artist Araxie Kutchukian and lives together in West London, where Andrew Alexander performs frequently (he is well known in the London theater scene).

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