Andrew Gillum celebrates his victory as he wins the Democratic nomination for governor
Tallahassee Democrat

More than a million dollars flow into a campaign after Trump and DeSantis beat up mayors as failed socialists who "ripped" Florida.

Andrew Gillum's historic "come-from-behind" victory Coupled by a volley of attacks from his Republican opponents has opened a lock of cash for the Tallahassee Mayor Quest the next Governor o Florida

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old Democratic candidate had his best day of fundraising – he garnered more than 1 million On Thursday, the Democratic Governors Association sent its political committee a check in the millions.

After the last financial reports had the account $ 200,000 after his first win. Cash flow began in the wake of Gillum's unlikely victory on Tuesday and President Trump's tweet that the Democratic candidate was a "failed socialist."

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