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Android is (unofficially) available for the Nintendo Switch

It is even based on the Android tree linked to NVIDIA's Shield TV, so that Tegra-exclusive titles like Borderlands and Half-Life 2 are executed.

That would be an understatement to say there are reservations with this firmware. Even if you can live with the mistakes, you should not expect any support from Nintendo if things get mixed up. In addition, you primarily need a hackable switch, and newer versions of the console may not support it at all. If you can start the Hekate tool, you know it works. This is the definition of risky, and you probably should not try it if you want to be absolutely sure that Super Smash Bros. will still work when all is said and done. They were allowed to install Linux at a certain time on the PS3, but this is different. You install a user-friendly mobile operating system with an extensive collection of apps and games ̵

1; you can continue using this operating system after the novelty has ended.

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