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Android messages can receive Snapchat-like AR effects

Apparently, Google is currently testing five effects, including one that shows your face through the window of a cartoon plane before it flies away. The balloon effect places flying balloons in front of and behind you, while another places fireworks directly in your living room. There is also a confetti effect and an angel filter that gives you a halo and a pair of wings. The halo can follow your head like Snapchat's face filters.

According to XDA, access to the effects was only possible through the camera of the messaging app and not via the stand-alone camera app. While the animated messages are reported to be sent as SMS or MMS, the feature fits in with Google's RCS rollout, which allows you to send and receive high-quality media and read receipts, including in the News app. As with any experimental feature, it may take some time for it to be available to the public. In that case, we hope you're prepared for a flood of Snapchat-like animations that flood your messages.

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