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Android Q Can Allow Users to Customize the Lock Screen and AOD Clock [Gallery]

Android Q will be displaying five more betas in the coming months before publishing. In the next development phase, Google will polish up Android, add new features and remove others. An upcoming option might be adjusting the clock displayed on your lock screen and AOD.

Beta 1 introduces a number of optimizations for always-on display, such as: For example, moving the battery gauge to the top right corner and traveling ETAs, as well as calendar events, to a new pill at the bottom. These last two changes are also displayed on the lock screen while the AOD is now displaying the track being played.

In addition, Google can customize the display of the clock. XDA has today discovered three new designs that can be activated via ADB commands.

"Bubble Clock" and "Stretch Clock" are analog, since the latter are quite conventional. The hour and minute hands are in the center of the screen, but the digital time is slightly reduced on the lock screen. The former is more avant-garde ̵

1; harder to read – with a circle (hour) and an oval (minute) for the hands.

The "text clock" will probably be a favorite where users can do it Just read the time. "It & # 39; s" is decorated in a light peach color, the rest is white. All three watches have some color, but are currently set generically and do not adapt to the background image of a user.

Like the standard clock, they all appear on the always-on display. Bubble and Stretch even move the digital time to the top left corner.

Considering that ADB commands from XDA are required to enable (the first user restores the default value ), this adjustment is obviously not completed. In addition, the date and weather widgets are not displayed when one of the three new clocks is activated. Hopefully, Google will launch this feature and let end users customize their settings through app settings.

Delete ADB shell settings locklock_screen_custom_clock_face

Shell settings make sure lock_screen_custom_clock_face "com.android.keyguard.clock.StretchAnalogClockController"

and adb shell settings make sure lock_screen_custom_clock_face "com.android.keyguard.clock .TypeClockController "

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