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Android will probably not scroll so soon

Especially in recent years, many of the new features that have natively added Android first appeared at OEMs. A great tool that has been adopted by many is the ability to take a screenshot with Android. Unfortunately, Google considers it "unsolvable" to integrate this as the operating system in Android.

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Last month, Google commented on two different bug tracker feature requests regarding adding scrolling screenshots on Android. In both cases, as noted by Android Police the company has stated that it will not work to bring this to Android, and says it is "not feasible, in one case they said" not capable "" 19659004] If you are unfamiliar with this feature, it will appear on different products, especially Samsung devices. After taking a screenshot, users can usually scroll down the screen to take another screenshot, with the software automatically merging the two. It's a useful tool to share more of what's displayed on your screen than can be viewed and recorded at once. For some reason, however, Google seems to believe that this is something that Android can not use natively than Android operating system. My only theory as to why this might be the case is how screenshots are taken in Android. Instead of displaying a prompt on the screen, Google has moved these actions to the notification panel. For this purpose, it would be somewhat difficult to implement a scrolling screenshot in Google's Android version.

It is not expected that scrolling screenshots will appear in an imminent Android version like Q, but it's a bit disappointing Google simply shoot.

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