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Andy Rubin teases the new Essential phone with a completely different form factor

If you're worried that the unfoldable smartphone design has become outdated and trusted in recent years, you may find the next Essential Essentials Android handset in your area.

In a series of surprising [194559003] tweets Andy Rubin, CEO of Essential Products, unveiled a prototype of the company's Essential Phone follow-up and tweeted numerous pictures and even a video.

In a statement released by 9to5Google, the company confirmed that it "is working on a new device being tested with our team outside the lab, and we look forward to sharing more in the near future."

Currently The upcoming phone, simply referred to as "GEM," has a long, sleek design that in 201

9 is about half the width of an average smartphone. So far, the handset has been shown in four different color options.

On the front of the device we can see what Rubin describes as "New UI for a completely different form factor [sic]". One picture shows several stacked apps on a single screen, and another picture shows an unspecified and stripped-down map app. You can check both of th ose out below.

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  GEM phone from Essential

Stacked apps in the GEM interface from Essential

(Photo credit: Andy Rubin)

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  GEM phone from Essential [19659013] Essential's Map app takes us on a long and lonely journey </p>
</figcaption><p>  (Photo credits: Andy Rubin) </p>
<p>  While Apple's iPhone X triggered the madness of the display, it's worth noting that the original Essential Phone the first was Implement a screen capture for the front-facing camera. </p>
<p>  This time, however, Essential seems to be inspired by Samsung, as the GEM prototype has a pinhole camera cutout in the upper left corner of the device. </p>
<p>  Initial reports indicated that the Essential Phone 2 may have an in-screen camera. Either these plans have changed, or in addition to the GEM is also a true Essential Phone successor in work. </p>
<p>  Rubin has also posted a video showing the GEM devices from behind to better demonstrate the "Colorshift" material, which actually changes the hue when viewed from different angles. </p>
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GEM Colorshift footage pic.twitter.com/QJStoiDleH[19459020<October82019

There was no information on the release date for the upcoming device, although we would expect an official announcement in the not too distant future.

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