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Angel 6, Tiger 1: Jake Rogers was the bright spot in this

The tigers played another sloppy game and quietly returned to the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday night with a score of 6-1. The debut of Jake Rogers was one of the few bright spots in defeat.

Drew VerHagen fought, but with four innings, things did not go too badly. He worked his way out of some trouble with the help of two well-turned doubles. However, he was also dinged up by a Matt Theiss two-run shot in the second inning. The pronounced tendency to be ahead of the hits and then eliminate them was obvious, but he was not hit particularly hard until he was fifth Inning gave a few hits, which led to another run to scoring. An error in Jordy Mercer extended the inning, and the Angels used a flare of Andrelton Simmons that none of the three tigers could catch up with. The Tigers' seventh prospect at MLB Pipeline has done well in his first major league game. Rogers flew deep in the third inning to Mike Trout in midfield, then fifth in third place. In the seventh he came with Victor Reyes in second place after a double. Rogers drilled a 1

: 0 through the left side to hit Reyes and collected his first goal and his first RBI in one shot. He also managed to throw in the ninth inning one in the right field line for another single.

Rogers had a shaky moment when he dropped a pop-up in front of Home Plate to deduce the sixth inning. The ball was probably Brandon Dixons by right, but Rogers put it on and did not hold onto it. Because that's what happened to him in his first major league game and because baseball is like that, the runner eventually came by to score.

As expected, Rogers looked excellent behind the plate. Shohei Ohtani made a successful theft in Rogers' first attempt to shoot down a possible base stealer, but had a big lead over VerHagen.

Gregory Soto also allowed a run-down to relief while Jose Cisnero eighth-placed the site.

The add-on runs were not taken into account because the tigers never tried to return to them. Miguel Cabrera doubled and scored twice, as did Victor Reyes. But the tigers went with runners in the scoring position 1-by-9. Rinse, repeat.

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