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Animal Rights activists stunned after Chef Severs, Eats Deer's leg in the restaurant window

A Canadian cook caused a stir on Friday after activists claimed he had slaughtered a large animal leg in his restaurant before he seemed to eat it.

Marni Ugar, a protest organizer, was among a group of vegan activists who were reportedly outside antlers kitchen and bar around 8 pm in Toronto singing slogans such as "antlers have blood on their hands" and holding signs saying "murder", Global News reported.

Ugar told the newspaper that restaurant owner and chef Michael Hunter was seen carving a roe leg.

"Antler wants to celebrate the wild culinary delights of Canada," says the website. The shop serves Canadian dishes such as bison, wild boar, rabbit, duck and deer.

"I think it was his way of taunting us or taking revenge," Ugar said. "I can (can not) know because I have not had a conversation with him yet." She added that this was the fifth time she had protested against the establishment.

Last year, the store allegedly caused a stir after an employee displayed a signboard in front of the restaurant with a message saying, "Stag is the New Cabbage." The rally was part of a planned initiative to hold weekly protests in response to the memo, according to Ugar.

"It shocked me," she told the National Post newspaper in Toronto. For me it's just an animal and it's an animal that did not want to die.

Ugar said that Hunter returned to the window half an hour later and had eaten something that appeared to be grilled meat, according to reports that the police have reportedly arrived at the incident.

"We are obviously too come to him because we influence his business by standing on the sidewalk. I suppose ̵

1; I really do not know – that was his way of taking revenge on us, "Ugar said.

The boss told Global News that the chain of protests was bad for the business and decided that he would had enough and "went and got a Rehbein." He added that such demonstrations are common in his industry.

"These protests are not uncommon for the restaurant industry and therefore we are not surprised by the actions of the demonstrators," said Hunter.

"We do business as usual. Our identity as a restaurant is known throughout the city as well as our ethical farming and foraging initiatives. We stand for the identity of our restaurant and its identity as a chef. "[194559002]  Butcher A cook was seen butchering Rehbein in front of a group of animal rights activists in front of his restaurant A butcher is being prepared in his shop on 4 August 2003 in London. Photo: Ian Waldie / Getty Images)

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