President Trump declared a national emergency to free up the financing of his border wall between the US and Mexico. However, explaining a national emergency is not new – in fact, the deployment of emergency services is older than the country itself.
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WASHINGTON – The announcement by President Donald Trump on Friday that he has declared a national emergency was not well received by all Republicans, no other vote than Ann Coulter.

The conservative commentator had beaten Trump for weeks for asking the Democrats for demanding additional funds to build a wall on the southern border. He even called him the "biggest penny ever to serve as President of the United States Federal Department of the United States".

On Friday, the dispute took place with a nationally broadcast press conference announcing Trump's plans to use executive powers to declare a national emergency to release billions for the proposed wall.

"Ann Coulter, I do not know her, I hardly know her, I have not spoken to her in over a year, but the press loves to say Ann Coulter, and if I talked to her, she would be so nice, "said Trump, adding that she was" out of the reservation. "

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Coulter shot back on Twitter and said, "He seems to think that" the reservation "is HIM, not his campaign pledges." Then she added, she wanted to "commemorate" Trump's words.

She said that she does not want to leave the impression that she has influenced the White House in any way. "I also had no influence on the captain of the Titanic, the operators of the Hindenburg or the terrorism prevention team of September 11, 2001," she wrote.

Then she took another step in the KABC radio show Morning Drive.

"The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot," Coulter said during the show. She added that she was grateful, Trump distanced herself from her.

"Thank God he has any responsibility for what he did," she said, adding, "That was the biggest benefit anyone could do for me."


President Trump makes the crowd giggle as he sings, declaring that he knows that his national declaration of distress will lead to a lawsuit, but hopes that they will "get a proper shake-up."

Trump launched Coulter during a sprawling press conference in which he touched China, North Korea, and some of his favorite Fox News hosts.

He was asked after his remarks whether conservative media had played a role in his decision-making. Trump gave some of his big names, including Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, radio presenters Rush Limbaugh and Coulter.

The President even pointed to a report he had received on CNN and MSNBC against which he usually accuses "false news".

After boasting about the conservative media personalities, Trump was again forced to influence his political decisions. "You do not decide politics," Trump replied.

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