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Anne Hathaway on Body-Shamers: "I gain weight for a role"

"For all the people who will shame me in the coming months, it's not me, it's you," the actress wrote in a post on her Instagram on Thursday.

Anne Hathaway has a preventive message for body shamers: I assume weight for a role. Oh, look how much I can lure.

The actress Dark Knight Rises released an accelerated video on Thursday that featured an intense training program with the following message: "I'm assuming weight for a movie and it's going well." To all the people It will not embarrass me in the coming months, it's not me, it's you, peace xx. "

Hathaway added as a post script," I was going to put this down to Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls", but Copyright said No Continued Peace xx. "Throughout the video, she sees weights lifting, stretching, clapping and performing other strength training exercises for a long time.

However, one commentator suggested that the actress legitimized an impossible social body ideal by explaining why she was gaining weight in a post that trains a still very slim Hathaway.

"What's wrong with our society, that someone who is healthy and fit, has to write something to defend himself, makes me so angry, and I'm glad I'm not famous with this Stuff In the South, if I looked "too thin," people would start feeding me;) cookies and stuff, "the commentator wrote.

The Movement Follows Inhabitant Inscriptions by Rihanna and Amy Schumer Both have been clicking on tabloid and other stories that have been examining their bodies in recent years.

It's unclear which movie Hathaway refers to, but she's supposed to be star in the upcoming science fiction thriller O2 The adaptation of the novel by Joan Didion made by Dee Rees The Last, what he wanted and a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels alongside Rebel Wilson.

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