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Anonymous Eagles player criticizes Carson Wentz and the offense

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson dropped an interesting treat on Wednesday evening when she tweeted that a Philadelphia Eagles player told her Howie Roseman dropped the ball because she did not trade for Jalen Ramsey.

On Thursday afternoon, Anderson appeared on NFL Live sharing a derogatory quote from their source about Carson Wentz and the Eagles' Offense (94WIP hatchet). My bold emphasis is:

"Now that the team is 3: 3, of course, an Eagles source has also told me how this offense works."

"One of the things they said is: & # 39; We have to make the beeping easier. Sometimes you just have to cope with what is manageable. " They said: " Even Peyton Manning knew when he had to check it. "

Carson Wentz currently has 38% of passes for this trip, 1

5 air yards, has three interceptions on such passes, which is the same for most in the league. He also has 148 passes on those who are 10 feet or less. Right now he has nine touchdowns and no such interceptions. So I think it's a fitting point.

This is the second time since last November that an Eagles source with criticism of Wentz and the offense has gone to Anderson. As a reminder, here is the quote from last year:

"The other thing the source pointed out was that he said," I have the feeling that we are passing Zach Ertz, "which is the narrow end Zach Ertz leads them to 111. And although he catches 76% of it, the source says that he feels that it interferes with the rhythm when everyone else goes on the offensive, even though Zach Ertz is right Time to have the most receptions in NFL history in a single season for a close ending. "

Wentz was also apparently exposed to an anonymous review from the PhillyVoice report released earlier this year.

I would say It's not great that Wentz's teammates have criticized him through the media! It's far from ideal to deal with a possible locker trouble just before a big game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night.

I w I'd also say that it's not great if Wentz's teammates do not really help him out the field this season. He is currently far from one of this team's biggest problems.

And as for these statistics, Anderson went out … huh? A source complains that Wentz does not look enough … but also that he is too aggressive in the field? And we do not take into account the fact that two of Wentz's interceptions took place in the first half of a Falcons match in which the fixture schedule minutes before kick-off due to inexplicable injuries before the game, DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery and Dallas Goedert were discarded. And that the other choice was basically coming to Minnesota in the garbage time?

Seems to be a pretty stupid criticism.

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