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Another of Alberto Salazar's runners says he mocked her body for years

Yoder Begley suggested working with Krista Austin, a top nutritional physiologist who had worked with other American Olympians. Salazar agreed, but gave Austin only two weeks to make progress.

In an interview this week Austin said it was a tight timeframe, but Yoder Begley was improving fast. Austin reduced calorie intake by Yoder Begley and developed a more nutritious nutritional plan. The pounds went off.

Within a few months, Yoder Begley set her personal record in the 5,000 meters and dropped below 15 minutes.

Despite the improvement, Salazar continued to be skeptical of Austin's work and commented on how much Yoder Begley underperformed whenever she ate. Slow times made comments about her legs and butt, she said, or had her sent to weigh.

Then, after some intense speed training, Yoder Begley's injuries returned and culminated in the Achilles' operation in the summer of 2010.

The next year, her other Achilles tendon appeared, a new pain

After finishing sixth at the National Athletics Championships 2011 Salazar told her she had "the biggest butt at the start line" and removed her from the team. At the time, she said, she weighed 112 pounds. Her body composition was similar to the one she ranked sixth in the world in 2009.

That did not matter. Nike cut Yoder Begley's funding and cut it in 2012. Her career as an elite runner was over, her body and mind were broken just over two years after her best efforts.

"She had a fantastic year with the Oregon Project. but at what price? "Goucher asked.

Now Yoder Begley focuses on how she can benefit from the experience. "I hope we can learn how to talk about these issues by moving forward," she said. "We have to find a way."

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