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Another premonition that he would die young? – Hollywood life

XXXTenatcion held an IG session hours before his murder, predicting that he could die young. Now we have EXCLUSIVE details about more evidence than about his death.

How many 20-year-olds have a testament design? Very few, as most people of this age do not think of the possibility of dying and what they might leave behind for their loved ones. The Murdered Rapper XXXTentacion – Real Name Jahseh Onfroy – had already devised a will that seemed to be another eerie premonition that he feared would prematurely leave this world. TMZ reports that the Miami musician had a will to sign in 201

7, leaving all his property in a trust that was seen by his mother Cleopatra Bernard. It did not state what the net worth of XXX was.

The site reports that after its June 18 murder, it filed documents claiming that the beneficiaries of trust are themselves and Jah's two brothers. XXX's mother recently claimed that a former girlfriend is currently pregnant with her child. The will says he has no children, but it was filed last year before a supposed pregnancy. "When Jahseh started earning serious money, his manager persuaded him to write a will, but he never came to update it after learning he had a baby on the way," says a nearby source XXX HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

"Jahseh had begun to turn his life around and tried to improve his action, but he had made many enemies in the streets so there was a lot of danger for him, it is heartbreaking that his life was taken before he could make up for his past – he could really have done a lot of good and made up for the bad things he had done in his youth, "our insider continues.

"The only thing that makes Cleopatra come out of bed is the thought of Jahseh's little baby – it's her driving force." Jahseh may have left the baby out of his will [unintentionally]but make no mistake "Cleopatra will make sure the child is free and raised as part of the family," adds our insider. On June 21, just three days after her son's death, Cleopatra wrote a picture of an ultrasound and wrote that Jah gave his family "one last gift."

Jah seemed to be counting his days in a scary Instagram live session with fans hours before his murder. "Worst things come to worst, I die a tragic death or some shit and I can not see my dreams, at least I want to know that the children perceived my message, could make something of themselves and were in the Able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and at least have a good life, "he revealed. X added, "At least … if I die or ever will be a victim, I want to make sure my life has made at least five million children happy." 22-year-old Dedrick Devonshay Williams was arrested and the murder of X, although the police are looking for more suspects.

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